How often succulents need water

How often succulents need water


Maybe you know succulents are hardy little plants because they don’t need a lot of water to grow. In natural and dry succulents need water, they accumulate excess water on the fleshy leaves, do not require much help from you, and can irrigate. But how often should this plant be watered? Once a week? Twice a week or Once a month?

The most important thing about the water supply rule is this: only water when the soil in the growing container is dry during the process. Repeat, letting the soil dry entirely while watering. If the soil is not disturbed or the dirt has dried, do not water it. Look, most houseplants want to keep their soil moist at all times. You are not being exploited. Always keep the dirt damp, and the roots will be dirty. Succulent seeds = dead exploitation.

4 factors that affect how often you ask for water:

  • Season:

Most succulents grow like crazy in the spring and summer, so you may need to water them more often during their active growing season. You can also buy or sell the plant from Succulent Market. New stems, leaves, roots, and flowers produce a significant amount of water from the soil.

You can water it three times a week, depending on the light and temperature conditions. In winter, the operation becomes inactive. Growth stops, so you only need to water once or twice during the season. The easiest way to kill an exploiter is to give him more water in the winter, so avoid the watering from November to March. Let your operation sleep in a calm, dry state.

  • Container size:

Larger pots need to be watered more often because they retain more moisture in the soil. Small and shallow banks need to be watered more and more because the soil dries quickly.

  • Amount of light:

Extracts exposed to the sun for 10 hours or more require more water than sediment, which has less light. Houseplants generally require more water than houseplants because they get more sun and are exposed to harsh conditions. You can take your succulents for sale also.

  • Moisture:

Plants with high humidity and cold temperatures require more frequent watering than plants in hot and dry climates because they retain moisture longer. In Phoenix, your exploitation in the yard in the bright sun? Plan to water daily. Are they partial sun on the deck in San Francisco? You can generally give water once or twice a week.

How to give water to succulents?

We hope you know the factors that affect how often the water is squeezed out; here’s how to water them. The exploiters are native to the desert, and when they don’t get more rain in their original habitats, it pours in the shower. The rainy season in the desert is rainy, and water flows from the sky in sheets. Imitate by soaking it with desert rain. Pour water into it slowly and do not stop until water flows from the bottom drain hole.


So, when the soil bone of your operation is dry, wet this baby. This way, you can also grow succulents for sale. Let the soil dry thoroughly, then water again. By following this scheme, you will get well-hydrated extracts.

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