How Much Does It Cost to Live in Downtown Denver?

How Much Does It Cost to Live in Downtown Denver?

Moving to a new city is like a new adventure that can change your life. Especially if it is Denver, then you have many more reasons to start a new life here. Denver is a lively city that is filled with services and amenities. The traffic here is usually bad at the rush hour due to having so many people.

There are lots of jobs ready for young professionals letting someone have a proper lifestyle. If you want to view some epic scenarios from the Rocky Mountain or keep it in the backdrop of some pictures, this is the place. Not to mention, the hills and mountains make it possible to have some ski times or snowboarding.

Whether are looking through Denver luxury apartments or classically designed houses, the city has it all. The expenses in this city can be high on average. But that is understandable as the place offers so many services. Let’s discuss the expenses of some different factors-

Housing Units

Just like any other city, Denver is also facing a rise in the rate of houses and apartments. During the last 5 years, the Mile-High city had an 18% rise in its rental rate. Although due to covid-19, the rate dropped gradually up to 0.4%. The rise happens due to the highly paid experienced engineers working in the city. But by their hands, the city is also having lots of apartment buildings every year.

 If you want to rent a two-bedroom apartment in Denver, expect to pay rent around $1,351. This is a little bit more than the average rental rate of Colorado.


If you want to make your monthly budget, the cost of eating should be a prime concern. There are lots of grocery shops and markets for you to cook your food at home. If you like to eat your own food, then according to research, you got to spend $3,592 in a whole year.

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Do not have much skill at cooking? Rest assured, as there are just many epic restaurants here that offer mind-blowing delicacies. For two people to have meals three times a day in a mid-range restaurant, one will have to cost $70 on average.


Many people often neglect the cost of transportation when making their budget. But it can even take much more money than the cost of food. For just one grown-up who daily commutes to works using a private vehicle, they may have to pay $114 or so per month. But if public transportation services are what you prefer, then your cost over a year behind moving around will be $4,094 on average. Not to mention, the cost will be higher based on the number of working adults in the family.


These three mentioned above are the major stuff where you will have to spend some money on. But aside from them, you will need to save around $2,299 yearly on healthcare. For different services, including electricity, cooling, water, gas, internet, and heating, you may need to spend $145 per month. It kinds of depends on how much you use these utilities. Get your housing unit in Denver to have great features, safety, and a wonderful experience.

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