How i found the best Orthopedic Doctor in Dubai?

How i found the best Orthopedic Doctor in Dubai?

Have you ever felt the pain in your feet and you couldn’t know why? Have you ever heard about plantar fascia? I never did! But one day, I felt a severe pain in my feet that I couldn’t walk, and pain killers didn’t actually kill the pain. I tried different treatments and took a lot of medications, but nothing really worked.

So I called my friend, who is a pharmacist, asking him if there is any band to wrap my feet, because it hurts a lot, and I need to relieve the pain. He asked me to describe the pain, and when I did, he told me that I need to check with an orthopedic doctor in dubai, it might be a plantar fascia. I didn’t understand at first, but I did what he told me. He gave me the number of his friend, who is an orthopedic doctor at Novomed in Dubai, and I called him to book an appointment.

As the pain was severe, I asked the Ortho specialist  if it is possible to have the appointment on the same day, and he told me to pass by in 1 hour. So I went to his clinic at Novomed Dubai, and he asked me to tell him more about my pain and to precise where is the pain. When I told him about the symptoms and the pain in my feet, he immediately asked me to do an X-ray so he can diagnose the problem better. I did the screening, and get back to him. When he saw the screening, he told me that it was a plantar fascia, but he assured me that it can be treated, so no need to be a worry.

He explained to me that when the plantar fascia got inflamed, it causes a stabbing pain in the heel, and may worsen after prolonged periods of activity or inactivity.

As a treatment, the orthopedic doctor advised me to apply ice packs on my feet, wear a night splint, and a custom arch that can help distribute the strain on my feet. He also gave me some pain relief and asked me to do some physiotherapy sessions to speed up my healing.

After a few weeks, the pain has gone, I feel more comfortable while walking, and I got back to my normal activities

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