How Does a Football Club Make So Much Profit?

How Does a Football Club Make So Much Profit?

We all know how rich and established all the football clubs are. We can smell money since they make so much profit from each match. But have you ever wondered how do the football clubs make/earn so much money? Your mind might have been through this question, but it didn’t get any definite answer.

Well, this article will talk about football clubs and the secret behind being successful.

Football/soccer has always been a passion for sports lovers. Millions of people follow regular updates and watch each match full of excitement. More than 100 million Americans make themselves free to watch the Super Bowl each year, which is splendid. And when it’s a match between Liverpool and Manchester United, it becomes a craze for sports lovers.

Those high-profiled clubs reach millions to billions of dollars from different sources. Television rights is a platform to earn significant money that goes equally contributed between the clubs. The English top-flight is one of the most demanded leagues that people prefer to watch. Therefore, it brings much more money than the rest. 

However, the TV money is shared between the English top-flight’s clubs, but the Champions League money is only shared between the players in Europe’s Premier Club competition. Therefore, the battle always goes intense to be on top four in the League.

But the topic we are here discussing is how the football clubs become wealthy and successful. The primary source of being in this position is the TV coverage. Manchester City, one of the richest football clubs in the world, has earned more than £75 million from their Champions League in the 2015-2016 seasons, for example. 

Undoubtedly, it’s a massive amount for the club, and the best part is, about £43 million from the amount was from their TV coverage. When Manchester City reached the top semi-finalist, there was more screen timing for the club. 

So, if the club would knock out earlier, they would earn significantly less than this amount. But still, the amount would be more than £20 million from the TV coverage. So, you get the point from where the clubs make money.

Another source is the sponsorship that clubs get from brands to advertise them. The Branding logo and screening in each match pull out a massive profit to the football clubs. 

You will be surprised to know how much profit those clubs make by selling kits, jerseys, and other club merchandise to soccer fans worldwide. It brings a significant amount for the entire year. And the profit begins when it’s a big match.

Football clubs also occasionally transfer or sell players to other clubs, which also brings a considerable amount for the wealthiest clubs. The value for those players is not insignificant, and it occurs all around the year.

So, when the football clubs have so many sources to make money from the entire world, there is a lot to profit from and get rich. 

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