How do I disinfect my house after the flu?

How do I disinfect my house after the flu?


Suffering from flu? Or just recovered from flu? You need to disinfect your house to clean all the germs. If you are living alone in your house then it is ok. But if you are living with other family members, you should disinfect your house everyday if you or some other family member is suffering from flu. The current outbreak of Corona Virus has brought major changes in our lifestyle. Now people are cleaning and disinfecting their houses on daily basis.  It is necessary to disinfect your belonging in order to protect yourself from different viral and bacterial infections.

During lockdown, it is difficult to go outside and keep your health at risk. So, what you should do if you need disinfectant but you can’t go outside. Do not worry; just leave everything, every chemical containing spray and unnecessary spray bottles. Just prepare a single natural spray at your home and enjoy.

How to make homemade disinfectant

If you have been suffering from flu or some other viral infection, you must disinfect your house. But do not use chemical disinfectants as they are harmful for health. Now you can make a best natural disinfectant at your home. All you need, salt, water and Egret.

Egret is a great device which converts simple salt water solution into electrolyzed water. This electrolyzed water acts as the best natural disinfectant. Now you don’t have to buy a list of best cleaning products because you have the best all purpose natural spray. You can prepare this disinfectant spray easily just by using Egret.

Add salt and water in Egret Version 2. Turn it on, current will pass through water and salt solution make ions. Then the electrolysis process inside egret results in homemade electrolyzed water. Use this electrolyzed water as the antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal solution and clean your house.


Egret has unlimited advantages as there is no chemical involved in the production of natural disinfectant spray. You can feel the freshness after disinfecting your house. By using natural homemade electrolyzed water, you can enjoy the following advantages:

  • It sterilizes and deodorizes your everything
  • Removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables
  • Purifies your air
  • IT is a non toxic substance, equally good for children and adults
  • Very Safe for kids and pets, and their toys
  • It also saves money
  • Easy to use
  • Latest version has advanced changes
  • The Egret spray is able to clean the corners and tops of the cupboards where other disinfectants can’t reach
  • Get rid of TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) and PM2.5 particles

It is the perfect way to remove germs by using electrolyzed water. Secondly, it is the perfect solution to clean and disinfect your house after the flu, as it removes all TVOC and PM 2.5 particles. These particles can cause eye, nose, throat irritations and infections. Use Egret to deodorize your clothes, carpets, furniture and shoes. Enjoy the harmless, non toxic disinfectant and save your time and money.

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