How do I become COBIT certified?

How do I become COBIT certified?

The evolution of IT has far surpassed being a simple tool for businesses to use. For many businesses, regardless of industry or scale, IT practices have been an essential foundation. There is an urgent need for internal control growth and management and the necessary levels of protection to address the trends, even though many companies struggle to leverage the capacities of their IT activities, which can hold a business status and make an activity extremely vulnerable.

And so, the COBIT  comes into the play. Know what is COBIT and Why COBIT?

What is COBIT?

COBIT is a model for information and technology (I&T) corporate governance and planning that promotes business objectives. The internationally agreed COBIT System leads to product information and technology corporate governance. New knowledge and guidance have been revised, making it more straightforward and more tailor-made to execute, reinforcing the ongoing work of COBIT as an essential driver of market transitions and innovation.

COBIT  – Why?

For each procedure carefully described along with process inputs and outputs, process goals, core process tasks, elementary maturity model, and performance metrics, the COBIT system simplifies a series of management procedures.

Overview of COBIT 2019:

The newest iteration COBIT framework is COBIT 2019. The architecture of COBIT 2019 deals with the latest developments, innovations, and security requirements for businesses, including other IT management systems such as ITIL, CMMI, and TOGAF, because it is a fantastic way to unify processes across a whole organization. Like COBIT , COBIT 2019 also focuses on security, risk management, and information governance.

What does COBIT 2019 include?

The COBIT Core Model, which comprises 40 governance and management priorities for a governance program, was added to COBIT 2019 by new principles and terminology. The 2019 COBIT framework aims to provide greater adaptability for organizations, thus adapting to an IT management protocol.

Like any other IT framework, COBIT aligns business priorities and IT goals, providing a connection between them and a process that can help fill a void in their system or norm between some silos in IT.

Design Factors in COBIT 2019!

The COBIT 2019 incorporates eleven design factors. The design factors affect your organization’s kind of governance system and enhance the capacity needed. COBIT 2019’s new design factors may also influence or demand particular variants on the value of one or more components.

COBIT 2019 certification comes in two levels – COBIT 2019 Foundation and COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation.

  1. The training and certification courses of the COBIT® 2019 Foundation will give you an insight into COBIT® 2019 areas in terms of framework introduction, concepts, management system and elements, governance and management goals, performance management, design and implementation of a tailor-made governance system.
  1. The certificate program seeks to help more experienced COBIT users and meets company goals. The COBIT 2019 Design and Implementation Certificate affirms holders’ capacity to recognize, improve, and execute Enterprise Governance of IT (EGIT) programs.

How to become COBIT certified?

Specific training courses and exams are available for ISACA’s COBIT 2019 certification. Start your career by booking a training course with reputed COBIT 2019 certification providers.

Exam details Let us speak about the necessary information about the examination. In general, candidates should complete approximately 75 questions of the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam within 2 hours, i.e., 120 minutes. The exam score is also 65%, and the test is available in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

  • Prerequisites

First of all, there are no prerequisites. However, participants are recommended to have expertise in the field of IT governance. It’s also necessary to read and validate the testing institute’s terms and conditions to take the exam. All terms and conditions shall be reviewed during the examination.

  • Course outline 

There are a variety of areas covered in the COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam. The course outline is the examination guide that outlines the potential fields and topics addressed by the exam. Also, these are the criteria that candidates must cover and master to pass the exam. A percentage is also indicated that indicates the weightage of each domain to prepare the applicant accordingly.



  Framework introduction




  Governance system & components


  Governance and management objectives


  Performance management


  Designing a Tailored Governance System


  Business case




Exam Preparation

  • See the objectives 

The objectives are the first thing to be said or steps in the preparatory guide for exams such as the COBIT 2019 Foundation Exam. With absolute commitment and focus, the applicant must learn and grasp all the fields and aims.

  • Download exam guide

The exam guide is the strategy that can be easily obtained from the official page by the applicant. The test guide provides full details on the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam. Also, the course outline and necessary details such as languages, time, format are included. 

  • Study material 

It is challenging to choose the right material to study for the COBIT 2019 Foundation test, but the applicant must find the useful material to successfully pass the exam. 

  • Training program 

In this preparatory guide, the training program is the required part. First, each vendor now offers its training courses, so that the most reliable can be found very quickly. There are, however, several websites that provide training on the Internet, so that candidates can choose for themselves.

Besides, the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam training programs will allow the candidate to understand all areas and their subjects very quickly, to prevent them from facing any problems in the examination.

  • Practise tests 

Practice tests are regarded as one of the essential steps in the preparation guide for this study. Several providers provide free practice tests for the exam, such as the COBIT 2019 Foundation exam.

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The applicant can, however, try as many tests as they wish. Moreover, by carrying out the practice test, the applicant may identify their weak areas.

Final verdict

The new framework for enterprise information and technology management and governance – COBIT 2019 – was unveiled. The updated framework refreshes its structure and content promptly and introduces new exciting features, such as design factors, which enable customized governance systems and much more.

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