How Cosmetic Dental Surgery Can Boost Your Confidence and Change Your Life

How Cosmetic Dental Surgery Can Boost Your Confidence and Change Your Life

Ever look at somebody and feel jealous of their bright white smile? If so, you aren’t alone. According to one survey, as many as 60% of Australians believe that confidence comes from a good smile. What’s more, over half of Australians are self-conscious about their teeth and at least six in ten want to do something about their smile. Fortunately, there are options because Dr Bobby Chhoker and others offer:

  • Full mouth rehabilitation
  • Whitening
  • Implants
  • Clear aligners
  • Porcelain veneers
  • Composite veneers

With this, we want to break down some of the benefits of these services and how they can change your life.

Whitening and a Brighter Smile

Firstly, we saw that many Australians want a whiter smile so why start anywhere else? Do you feel as though you have to smile with your mouth closed? Do all your pictures contain a withdrawn smile? With a simple whitening, you won’t believe the difference in confidence that follows. Suddenly, you don’t need to think about your teeth. Instead, you can release the biggest possible smile as soon as the camera points in your direction.

Porcelain Bridges to Cover Gaps

Having an extraction might help with the health of your mouth, but it can also leave an embarrassing gap. With a porcelain bridge, you should experience two benefits:

  • A boost to your confidence
  • Correct bite alignment

Often, people will tell you that the only solution to fix gaps is to pay for implants. While implants are also useful, they aren’t necessary in all cases. With a porcelain bridge, it’s possible to get your smile back in a semi-permanent way (the dentist can remove them when necessary!).

Composite Veneers for Quick Fixes

Due to the pressures of life, sometimes we chip or break a tooth. While the dentist will recommend a crown in many cases, they aren’t always necessary or possible. Rather than being left with an affected smile and decreased confidence, you can visit the dentist for composite veneers. Otherwise known as composite bonding, the idea is to fix specific areas of the teeth rather than the whole smile.

In the past, patients have used composite bonding to cover stains and discolouration. Also, it’s a great solution for bridging the gap between two teeth. Not only is this fix a quick one, but it also looks great at the end.

Space Out a Crowded Mouth

For some people, they look in the mirror and see a crowded mouth looking back at them. Sometimes, it seems as though the teeth are on top of one another and fighting for space. If this is the case, you might benefit from a clear aligner. For small to moderate crowding, clear aligners will help to create some space in the mouth and correct other problems of this nature.

These days, dentists pick up on these types of problems and get children in braces to fix alignment and a crowded mouth. However, this hasn’t always been the case; just because you were too early for the braces wave, this doesn’t mean you don’t deserve confidence once again.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation for a New You

For those with lots of issues with the teeth, you might be more interested in full mouth rehabilitation. As the name suggests, this is all about replacing and rebuilding large sections (or all) of the teeth. Ultimately, the goal is to improve the appearance, health, and function of the teeth.

Change Your Life Today

Whatever treatment you choose, cosmetic dental surgery can fill gaps, fix small problems, correct alignment, and change your life in many other ways. Why not get your smile back today?

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