How China Managed To Become One Of The Critical Sourcing Countries For Fast Retail

How China Managed To Become One Of The Critical Sourcing Countries For Fast Retail

For the last 10 years, the lifestyle of people has greatly changed ever since we have started using various apps on our mobile phones and the internet has become an integral part of our life. Right from fast food to cars, everything has become available through e-commerce.

The same is with various fashion and dress items. People have started living a luxurious life by purchasing different dresses made by well-known brands of the world. In this game, one country has gone far ahead of others in supplying various goods. Yes, you guessed it right it is China!

China has emerged as the manufacturing giant of the world and today they are unstoppable, because of their dumping policy. They are able to supply their goods in large quantities, which are even lower than their manufacturing cost and have taken the whole world by storm.

However, do you know how China has managed to become the top Asia sourcing company in the world? In this post, we will try to investigate that.

  1. Created a vast supplier base

China has become famous for creating its vast supplier base that is incredibly expansive. Today, China has created many factories that are one of the largest manufacturing companies of the world that have got an enormous capacity to do various kinds of assembly work meant for various consumer products that are done in various factories throughout China.

Therefore, if you are looking for any apparel industry then this is what you will try to look for. At the price, China can produce them in their factory, and perhaps it will be virtually impossible for any company in the world.

Therefore, you can find apparel made by any Chinese brand is available at unbelievably low prices.  

  1. Reduced the cost drastically

Another reason why China can manage to produce anything at so much lower cost is the huge population of the country, which is number one in the whole world. By virtue of that, there is abundant manpower resource is available at very low cost.

Even if they increase the labour cost as the standard of living in China now has also started improving, still, China source will remain much economical than any other country.  That is because of the availability of cost-effective raw materials, designs, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. All these have most certainly resulted in enough cost savings.

  1. Created larger capacity to produce faster

If you ever pay a visit to China’s factories, you will be surprised to find that not a single factory in China will have any shortage of capacity or capabilities. Most of the fast fashion industries of the world usually tend to rely on bulk orders.  China has developed the capability to produce them in bulk quantity within record time by maintaining the required quality.

Besides their impressive production speed, most of the machines in Chinese factories are extremely sturdy and powerful, which is exactly required for achieving a higher output.

  1. Developed the ability to comply

The capability to comply with various standards and requirements is also another important factor that you cannot overlook. It was a great concern a few years back when there used to be lots of complaints against Chinese products.

Their products were often rejected as they failed to meet environmental, social, and quality compliance. Due to this reason, many small factories in China were disconnected from the compliance and now all of them have disappeared from the landscape of the industry.

Therefore, most of the remaining companies who are working for any overseas brands have made a lot of investment into modernizing their various production tools to increase their compliance with the standards of international labor. Now the awareness about various norms and regulation standards has greatly increased.

Compliance and ethics are now becoming increasingly important to fast fashion companies and retailers, and their capacity to comply will provide them a competitive edge over developing countries.

  1. Increased their overall efficiency

All the factories available in China were in the business of manufacturing much longer than any others in the world, and hence it will be quite safe to say that by now they have ironed out all the small problems in their process.

Most of the Chinese factories have great experience of manufacturing capabilities, efficiency, management sophistication, and customer service.

Quite a few Chinese factories have even gone much beyond the routine extra services, where they can help to increase their quality level, lowering the internal costs, and provide any solutions to various problems that may arise.

Why should you consider a sourcing agent in China?

If you are considering making China your source destination for various retail products, so that you can be profitable in your venture then you need to look for a suitable sourcing partner. Finding a suitable supplier for any product in China is never a cakewalk, as it is very difficult to communicate with Chinese people and that can always create a lot of confusion.

You can find many such sourcing agents who can speak well in English and are also very familiar with Chinese systems and many different companies. They can help you on the following matters:

  1. Identifying the source

These sourcing agents are very much familiar with various companies in China and can be very helpful to identify the source.

  1. Obtain quotes from Chinese companies

They can help you to get proper quotations from several suppliers in China.

  1. Arrange for samples

To start with, you will need a sample, where these sourcing agents can offer you valuable support.

  1. Doing production follow-ups

They can ensure that all the production activities are carried out as per the schedule that you will need.

  1. Schedule your orders

These agents can help you to arrange the schedule as per your demand so that your orders can be timely processed.

  1. Checking the quality of products

Checking quality is also another important service that these sourcing agents can offer to you.

  1. Shipping your products

Finally, they will ensure that all the necessary formalities required for shipping from China to your country are followed.

The above tips will help you to source any products from China smoothly.

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