How Can Retractable Screens Transform Your Space?

How Can Retractable Screens Transform Your Space?

There are always new and innovative ways to transform a living space from what it used to be to what it could become. One way to give your living space a fresh makeover is with the use of retractable screens. Retractable screens are simply screens that retract or roll up to the point that they are invisible when not in use. 

Essentially, retractable screens and shades from Go Retractable act as temporary barriers that can be placed or removed depending on the convenience and the preference of homeowners. They can be fitted almost everywhere that the imagination can think of. People can put these retractable screens in doorways and windows, but retractable screens have also been used in other places. 

If you are interested in learning more, here are some ways retractable screens can transform your space. 

How Can Retractable Screens Transform Your Space?

They Open the Home to Nature

While the house and the home is supposed to protect yourself and your family from the elements of nature, there is an undeniable beauty that is associated with nature. This is why people love large glass windows to let natural light in, or when people make the effort to have their windows face the beautiful views of nature – even if it’s simply your garden outside. People have to draw that line in the ground between separating themselves from nature and opening the home to nature. 

Fortunately, retractable screens can help make that distinction even thinner. One popular way people use retractable screens is by putting them over windows, doors, and even as walls in the front porch or patio. 

Retractable screens can be placed in a way that can allow people in the home to see the outside world without letting too much of nature getting in – especially annoying insects. Retractable screens can let people enjoy the beauty of nature from the comforts of their home without having to give up the luxuries of the indoors. 

An advantage for having retractable screens is that you can really just put them down during the season where there will be insects or any other bugs you want to keep out. During other parts of the year where that wouldn’t be too much of a problem, you can simply retract those screens and have the full effect of the great outdoors.

They Can Increase Privacy

Are there places in your home where you enjoy the view and the openness of it all, but you wish sometimes to have better privacy? If you are in that unique predicament, then perhaps retractable screens are right for you. 

People have popularly placed retractable screens in outdoor areas such as patios, porches, and gazebos – areas that benefit from being connected and near nature. However, these are areas that are typically not considered to be very private.

With retractable screens, you can simply have them installed and you can decide to roll them down when you do want those times of privacy. A huge advantage retractable screens have compared to normal screens is the fact that they can be retracted. This means you can keep them hidden when you don’t need them but have them down when you do.

They Can Increase Ventilation

While some people place retractable screens over windows and doors, some people can install retractable screens to act as full walls. There are many advantages for this type of installation. For one, this is a specific scenario that can be significantly taken advantage of if you have an outdoor space that can benefit from this setup.

With retractable screens acting as walls, you can actually have better ventilation compared to a normal wall since retractable screens can still let the air through while keeping other things from nature out (e.g., leaves, debris, insects, etc.). 

They can also help increase ventilation in the home when you install them over windows and doors. Many homes keep windows and doors closed to keep nature out. However, with retractable screens installed over these passageways, you can actually keep those windows and doors open and still enjoy the fresh air that flows by.

They Preserve the Aesthetic of the Home

One great thing about retractable screens is that compared to other home designs, you’re not stuck with an eyesore if you happen to dislike the result. The beauty of retractable screens is that they are only there when you need them which means that even though you’d be installing a major piece of equipment in your home, you would only really be seeing it when you need it. 

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This means that after installation, as long as the retractable screen is retracted or rolled up, then the aesthetic of your lovely home is completely preserved. Once installed, you’ll only have to see the retractable screen when you have it rolled down and functional. 


Like many home design innovations, retractable screens really test the limit of the imagination as they can be used in almost any way.

While there are different kinds of retractable screens with different advantages and disadvantages, the primary function of retractable screens is that they can act as a temporary barrier – that in itself is already a highly functional and diverse piece to add to a home to give itself a fresh new look. 

There are many reasons why a retractable screen would be perfect for your home and maybe you can even discover new reasons for yourself. 

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