Here’s how you can handle a stroller hating baby

Here’s how you can handle a stroller hating baby

Does your kid start crying as soon as you put them in a stroller? Well, you are not alone. Every day, thousands of parents have to carry their children because they refuse to get in a stroller. Luckily, babies are simple creatures. They are mostly driven by instinct, and their issues are pretty easy to figure out. If you are facing a similar issue, this is what can do:

Ensure that they fit:

Babies grow fast, and they can easily outgrow the seat of their stroller. You might think that they fit just fine, but even a little bit of discomfort can cause a lot of distress in the baby, which will eventually lead to uncontrollable crying. Whether you’re pushing around a single baby or multiple in the Wonderfold stroller wagon, make sure that each of them is fully comfortable in their seat.

Check for any irritating object:

Little children are super sensitive to external stimuli. Thus, something as small as a pea can cause them to screech out in discomfort. If your baby cries every time you put them in the stroller, there might be something in the seat that is bothering them. This also includes the seat itself, as it needs to be soft and comfortable for the baby. Again, babies are more sensitive than you, so choose a seat that is soft enough for the baby.

They might be feeling bored:

Infants are usually fine with just sitting around doing nothing. But, as soon as they grow even a little, their brain starts firing at full throttle, and they get bored faster than the speed of light. Thankfully, entertaining them is not that big of an issue. You give them their favorite toy or some other thing that they can play with. Just make sure that the toy is secured with a string and will not fall off. Alternatively, snacks are a great distraction as well while also providing nutrition.

Find out the view they want to see:

Some babies prefer to see the face of their parents, while others like to gaze at the world around them. If your baby makes a fuss about being in a stroller, try flipping their seat. You’ll be surprised to find how effective this is in calming down the baby. Keep in mind that their priorities might change with age, so purchasing a stroller with rotatable seats is the best option.

Allow them to get familiar with the stroller:

For many babies, a stroller is an unfamiliar place. Even an adult would panic if they were strapped in an unknown vehicle, so how can expect babies to stay calm? To combat this issue, you should occasionally put your babies in the stroller in the house. Let them play with their toys, watch TV and interact with you in the stroller.

Take them out of the stroller regularly:

No matter how comfortable the stroller is, how soft the safety harness is, how many toys the child has, it will get annoyed after a long stay. Once this happens, you will have a loudly crying baby. To avoid such fate, simply let the baby out of the stroller after regular intervals of time, for a few minutes. Let them stand up, walk, move a bit before putting them back in.

Final words:

You might think that your kid just hates being in a stroller, while in reality, they just have some issue; resolving which will calm them down completely.

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