Grow on Your Own Terms: How To Use earned Media For Brand Loyalty

Grow on Your Own Terms: How To Use earned Media For Brand Loyalty

Growing a business is not an easy task and it is little wonder that most start-ups will end up in the history book. For most SMBs or stat-ups, it is more of passion than strategy and grit. While this is very important, getting consistent results is what matters most. Marketers use different strategies to promote their business depending on what skills they have, the appropriate channel for their business and possibly their marketing budget. Using press releases can be tricky just like any other strategy as illustrated in a press release distribution guide by Press release are easy to execute at scale and that is why you should consider adding it to your marketing mix.

Press releases are traditionally used to announce new milestones and are sent through newswires. As every mode of marketing is now digital, newswires have shifted to the internet, the concept of press release has found a new meaning with both corporate organizations and small business owners having access to news creating tools at scale. Prior to the emergence of the internet, press releases are used primarily by large corporations who have the deep pocket to hire PR professionals.

Press release distribution services are effective in syndicating content across so many media sites and this can create a sense of virality. Since every content created is expected to communicate and receive a level of traction, media has both the tool and system to push through getting a brand’s message before their audience. One of the best ways to build a strong brand awareness is by using media channels as they are trusted by people easily as a source of authentic news.

Owned media is a seriously under-used strategy by most business when compared to display advertising, content marketing, email marketing and other digital advertisement strategies. While other strategies are created to generate direct sales, press releases are primarily used to inform, build trust and create brand awareness. When do the right way, brand awareness can lead to multi-channel improvement in sales as it impacts all other advertisement angles. People are more likely to interact with brands they know and love due to trust build over time. Advertisement performance can be improved when brand awareness is built over time. Large corporations have mastered this strategy by investing heavily in brand awareness campaigns.


Creating a mix of marketing channels enhanced through brand awareness strategies can help improve Ad ROI and trust for a brand. For small business owners investing in press releases can help them acquire a quick level of trust as their media publications will show up for brand related searches easily and visitors are more likely to trust the source of the news. Both small business owners and marketing managers should use the media as a viable and reliable vehicle to share their news and ultimately project their brand awareness.

News angles such as new product launches, a new hire, office relocation, award recognitions, and events can be used effectively to help grow a brand’s trust level and awareness.

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