Google Keep Our Location History – What to do?

Google Keep Our Location History – What to do?

Do you know Google trace you wherever you go? Well, it still tracks you if you turn off the location. Google Maps can also show you every step you take and where you have been. It keeps your every little detail and archives your online activity. If a user determines “Privacy Checkup” on Google, he/she can see how much Google stores the information of the user.

Is it Dangerous if Google Tracks you Everywhere?

Well, it leaves the door open for hackers. 

How long Does Google Keeps Location History?

Google keeps the data of tracing location for three months or 18 months. But it all depends on what setting a user chooses. 

Does Google Delete Location History?

Deleting the location history from does not delete every detail that it possesses. But there are different ways to delete browsing history or to turn off the location. 

If you want to know how to stop activity and location tracking, then read the next section. 

Stop Google From Storing Data

First, you should know what Google is tracking and how to take control of such settings. 

1 – Open

2 – Check your Security and Privacy Settings 

3 – Tap on Data and Personalization to Take Control of Activity Control 

What does it include?

Device Information

Location Tracking 

Google Assistant

YouTube Search  

Watch History 

App Activity 

Google Home Data

All you need is to turn it off with only one click. 

How to Turn off Location Tracking?

1 – Go to your Account “”.

2 – Scroll Down to Location History

3 – Click on Manage Location History.

4 – See where you have been and all the location tracking details.

5 – Now, Turn off the Location Tracking. 

Does it Delete the Previous History that Google Keeps?

No, it does not delete the browser or activity history. You shouldopen the setting to remove all the stored data by Google.

1 – Proceed to Settings

2 – Delete all Location History 

Many people demand mobile trackers that can trace the location of their loved ones under stealth mode. We can share the location with friends, but it will reveal whom and for how long we will share it.

Our next section includes how you can determine someone’s location secretly.

Use Third-Party Apps – Track GPS Location with Android Spy App

Indeed, new technology has given us many innovations to ease our daily tasks. The phone tracking app is also the best way to trace the live-location without touching the target phone (Except for once to download the app). 


Mobile tracker requires installation on the target phone. Such tools work under stealth mode and collect the information regarding location details through GPS or Wi-Fi. 

How to Setup?

Access the target android phone. 

Open the official website of the chosen source and download the app. 

Open the settings to hide the app icon.

Enter the license key

Start Monitoring.

TheWiSpy – A Convenient Way of Location Tracking 

TWS is a leading mobile tracker app that is gaining popularity in the market for its incredible tracking services. With hundreds of active users, it allows the audience to join and avail best location-based services at affordable rates. Its products can be used for both personal and business security purposes, including employee surveillance, parental control, personal data backup, etc. 

Wrapping Up

Google keeps your details and location information, no matter where you go and have been. We have shared some instructions to stop from storing your information that will keep your online stuff safe from cyber-attacks. You can also get support from third-party apps (phone tracking app) to spy on someone under stealth mode. 

Join TheWiSpy, and Guide Your Loved Ones by Tracking Their Location Secretly!

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