A Brief Introduction to Glances

A Brief Introduction to Glances

Glance Intuit is a web-based, remote control sharing application/software for Quickbooks support through the Glance Guest application suite. People who are having a tough time completing their taxes at their offices. In the field can easily download the Glance Guest program from the turbotaxshare site. Order to connect with an Intuit customer support. In a remote session where the client can simply share their desktop screen within the Intuit platform. The Intuit software allows its users to view a user’s screen on their computer monitor from wherever they are. In case if they are connected to the internet, they can also use Intuit’s web-based email, chat, and file-sharing applications. These are only a few of the exciting Intuit tools that are available to its users. In this article, you would learn more about Intuit Glide.

Glance Intuit

One of the most interesting tools available with Glance Intuit is the Windows Live Tile Viewer. If you are working with different browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. Then you would definitely enjoy the ability to view your tile in the Windows Live Tile Viewer. This application allows you to explore different tiles from different background. You can even select specific tiles for other tools and windows in the Intuit interface. You can use this Glance Intuit tool to navigate to different tiles in your Windows Live.

QuickBooks usage

To take your Intuit QuickBooks usage to the next level, you can try downloading the free “Call Center For Intuit QuickBooks” app which is developed by Intuit itself. The free version of this software is limited to running only on Windows platform. But the Pro version is offered for free on all the operating systems including Windows Vista, Windows XP, Mac OS and various flavors of Apple Macintosh OS. With this amazing program, you will be able to run all the Intuit QuickBooks operations from your laptop. You do not have to download and install the program just to use it.

Intuit’s official website

A free version of the ‘Call Center for Intuit QuickBooks’ is also available for download on glance.intuit.com. This free download offers a simple way for business professionals to get access to all the features offered by this accounting software. With this app download, you can run various operations in different browsers and view the information in different address modes. As soon as you feel that you need to move ahead with your accounting needs, you can easily get access to all the advanced versions of the software within a few clicks.


Another impressive offering with this free version of the ‘Call Center for Intuit QuickBooks’ is the’remote screen sharing software. With the help of this wonderful tool, you can easily transfer the data between various computers even if they are located at different parts of the world. You can utilize the click and drag facility for transferring data from one computer to another without any difficulty. Thus, you will be in a position to view your account details in different windows and manage them accordingly.

QuickBooks software

Moreover, you can also download the free trial version of the ‘Call Center for Intuit QuickBooks’ from the official website of the product. The trial version is offered for download at no cost. The downloaded file can be run using the reeve Explorer’ application which is also included in the set of the program. This useful tool can be used to view and manage the account details of the company. It also provides support for the QuickBooks software and is capable of running the account-related functions even in the case when a computer crash occurs.


Apart from this, you can also get a free demonstration of the new version ‘Glances’. You have to enter your email id and password and then follow the onscreen instructions. The trial version enables you to run basic screen-sharing operations, including pinch-to-rotate, share photos and videos, share documents and files and share folders. You can use this feature to exchange information with other staff members working from home or from their office. You can also select the files or folders to share using this function.

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As mentioned above, the most attractive part of Glances is that it has made life easier for the sales representatives and other customer service agents by offering them a screen-sharing facilities even while traveling. we can use the same to chat with your distant customers as well. You do not have to buy expensive business-class laptops to share documents and files with customers; you can simply use your pocket PC or your mini PC. The latest addition to the package is Remote Screen Sharing Software, which enhances the functionality of Glances even more. This software enables you to share your screen with multiple users so that you are sure of getting maximum results, wherever you go!

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