Most people would agree that when an individual is sentenced to a long period in jail, it is bound to have a negative impact on his mental health in some way or the other. But what people fail to recognize is that, even if the person is not convicted with a criminal charge, getting arrested can be equally damaging to one’s psyche. Not all accused are declared guilty after a hearing, as many come out winning the trial and get back to their loved ones.

Even if he has done nothing wrong, spending time inside the cell can leave scars in his mind. According to a study, around 10.6 million people go to jail, while 600,000 enter prison every single year in the US. Maybe someone you know has been in jail or is currently incarcerated, waiting for his trial. Continue reading this article to learn more about what they go through and how you can help your loved ones need. 

Mental Health Concern: 

The American Psychological Association conducted a study on the incarcerated population all over the country, and the result was eye-opening. According to the research, 64% of the incarcerated population in jail, 54% in state prison, and 45% in federal prison are suffering from mental health problems. Human beings thats not meant to live in tiny rooms, isolated from their loved ones, in a hostile environment. It is, therefore, natural that they develop forms of mental health disorders. Interestingly, the study also links the use of substance abuse problems with developing mental health conditions. In the jail system, substance abuse is a real problem, and one can hardly avoid it. The investigation also records that about 10% to 25% of people might suffer from serious psychological conditions such as schizophrenia. 

How to get out of Jail:

If it is not a non-bailable offense, the judge will set an amount during the trial. The bail amount can go notably high depending on the severity of the alleged crime.

For the rich, a bail amount is just a number, and they can easily opt for cash bail. Who struggles to pay the bail price, and at times fail to do so. If one cannot pay the bail. He must stay inside the jail until his case hearing, which can take weeks or even months after the arrest. People often lose their sense of self-worth. While waiting for the trial and the whole experience leaves a scar on their physical and mental health. 

  • California introduced a law that helps eradicate the disparity between the rich and the poor when it comes to getting bail. Getting a fast bail might seem to be an unfair advantage for the rich just because they have money, whereas the poor don’t. The introduction of surety bonds helps the defendant get bail by signing a legal contract that dictates certain conditions. 
  • There are many licensed bail bonds services in California. Providing the defendants with a fast bail and helping them reunite with their families. One may look for Bail bonds San Diego to assist him with the process of bail. The defendant will have to pay only a 10% of the whole bail amount to the bondsman as a fee. 

Fixing the Damage: 

Once back from jail, the defendant must prepare for the upcoming hearing. To win the trial, consider hiring a private lawyer with experience in handling similar cases. Getting arrested and spending time in jail must have been a traumatic experience. Admitting that there is something wrong is the first step to fixing the problem. If you find your loved ones going through a similar situation. Ask them to seek professional help to deal with the trauma. There is no shame in visiting a psychologist and getting a new perspective in life. The experts inspire their clients to deal with underlying trauma and help them move forward in life.

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