Gamification; Applications and advantages

Gamification; Applications and advantages


Are you familiar with Gamification or this term is new to you? It means, application of games and gaming rules in non-gaming contexts. You are using and applying Gamification in your everyday life but most of you are not familiar with the term. If you are familiar with the term, you are doing very well. You are already using Gamification in your daily life check the examples below:

  • Complete a puzzle and get a cup of coffee
  • Participate in a quiz and win gifts
  • Invite your friends to an app and win coupons for shopping
  • Install some app and get a discount on your first purchase

All these examples are from our everyday life and true depiction of gamification. So, do you ever think that you can apply gamification even in your education? Yes, you can learn easily if you apply gamification in education. You can also teach your kids in a better way when you understand gamification with an open mind.


We can observe hundreds of applications in our daily life. Some of the examples of gamification are mentioned above. Almost all brands, institutions, and organizations are using gamification in their campaigns, advertisements, and working strategies, intentionally or unintentionally. Gamification is applicable for:

  • Education
  • Brands
  • Different apps
  • Advertising agencies
  • Business promotions
  • Teaching and learning

Benefits of Gamification

A lot of benefits are hidden in Gamification. A lot of daily life problems can be solved by applying gaming principles in a non gaming context. Some of the prominent benefits of gaming benefits include:

  • It highlights a person’s skills
  • Improves the commitment of a company
  • Supports in learning and education
  • Improves and helps in information retention
  • Enhances the organizational productivity

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