Fresh Ideas for Creating a Pop-out Environment in One’s Study Room

Fresh Ideas for Creating a Pop-out Environment in One’s Study Room

Most of the time, people use their study room as a place to get away from distractions and focus on work. However, studies have shown that having these kinds of designs helps improve concentration levels. Here are some small study room design ideas for one.

  • Funky Shelves

    A cool way to make a study room look fun and attractive is by using funky shelves. One can paint the shelf in bright, vibrant colours or go for interesting patterns. They can even paint graffiti of their favorite book title on it! To house all those books, why not convert one of the ends into a library?

           Another good thing about funky shelves is that they can divide them into multiple sections where each section will have different types of books. So, if they have children who are just starting with their reading journey, they could place picture ebooks there so they can get attracted to reading early on!

  • A Reading Nook

      If they prefer to have a quiet place all to themselves where there are no distractions, then this is the perfect idea for them! Place an armchair with good back support so that it will be comfortable to read in. They can paint one wall of their study room in black, white, or grey and cover the other walls with wallpaper that has inspiring quotes and poems on them. Arrange one’s books in such a way that they make the space look like a reading corner for kids and not like a library.

  • Musical Themes

           Music expresses emotions better than words sometimes; Everybody feels things more when they hear music rather than when they see it written down. So why not bring that same idea into their study room? If they’re huge music fans and love singing as well, then this is an awesome idea for them! They can paint one wall black or grey and cover it with posters of famous singers, bands and musicals. The other walls should be covered with colourful chords of famous songs so that they look like musical notes.

  • A Bookshelf Wall

     It looks so elegant but at the same time, it’s also quite simple to make! One needs to cover all of their study room walls with a single kind of wallpaper. For example, choose one with beautiful flowers on it which can add a zing of beauty and freshness to the study room. Then buy a lot of bookshelves to divide the wall into 2-3 sections and place them accordingly so that they don’t look too crowded or too empty either.

       Also, avoid using colourful books because then the dark wallpaper would become even darker after you’ve added all those books and that is not what we want! Less is always more in this case; they should carefully select only 3-4 books according to their colour so that they stand out because of their design rather than the colour!

  • The Comfy Corner

      If they are someone who likes getting lost in the world of books, then this is the perfect study room design idea for them. They can take an armchair which has a side table beside it so that they have everything they need right at their fingertips! Paint one wall in two different colours because if you paint them all grey or white, it’ll be monotonous and boring. Also, keep the noise factor to a minimum because comfort is key here; don’t forget how tiring reading novels could get after some time!

These were some creative and cool ideas for study room design.

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