Four Tips for How to Buy Sildenafil Online

Four Tips for How to Buy Sildenafil Online

When Viagra first came out, it made a splash that few other prescription medications have ever enjoyed. Pharmacists couldn’t keep it in stock, and the national conversation about it continued for many, many years afterward. The active ingredient in Viagra is known as Sildenafil, and today, this ingredient is available at an affordable price.  Unlike back when it was debuted, buying Sildenafil online is possible with a prescription. For men who want to order Sildenafil online to be delivered straight to their door, here are a few tips. 

1. Start with a reputable website

Money and time are important, so users shouldn’t waste either on phony websites. The last thing consumers want to do is buy Sildenafil online and end up with a sugar pill (or worse). There are plenty of companies who will skirt the rules, but buyers never know what they’re going to get. It’s ultimately not worth taking the chance, so users should always do their research, look up reviews, and stay away from anyone who will sell Sildenafil online without first consulting with a licensed medical professional first.

2. Prepare for ‘No’

Not everyone should take Sildenafil, depending on their medical history. There are around 30 million people who have erectile dysfunction (ED) in the US, and unfortunately, some are denied because the active ingredient could either interact with other prescription drugs or because the active ingredient would ultimately exacerbate conditions like diabetes or heart disease. While it can be frustrating to be denied an effective solution to treat ED, it’s ultimately better to protect long-term health. Customers may be able to talk to a physician or specialist about safer alternatives to Sildenafil.

3. Sildenafil Isn’t Designed to Boost Sex Drive

People experience ED in several different ways, so it helps to know exactly what ED tablets are designed to do. Some men have no problem getting an erection, but they can’t sustain it during intercourse. Other people can’t get an erection at all, no matter what the situation is. This is all traced back to  biochemistry, since it’s the nitric oxide release that allows blood to flow to the penis.

ED tablets like Sildenafil don’t actually boost the sex drive, they only make it possible to have intercourse when a man is ready to have it. The active ingredient in non-branded Viagra lasts for about 6 hours and kicks in about an hour after users take it.

Experts recommend eating food with the tablet, so it absorbs into the body better and ultimately limits the odds of side effects. These can include sleep disturbance, headaches, back pain, and nasal congestion. In rarer cases, it can cause loss of vision or priapism (AKA an erection that lasts longer than 4 hours). It’s worth pointing out that millions of men take these medications without any noticeable effects, though.

4. Choose a Company that Makes It Easy

If consumers want to buy Sildenafil online, they’re probably drawn to the convenience factor. BlueChew is a service that was designed around the concept, and it has done everything on its end to streamline the process of getting a prescription and receiving the pills:

  • BlueChew partners with licensed medical professionals and reputable pharmacies across the nation. Chewable tablets are sent out every month in discreet packaging to members’ doors.
  • Everything is virtual, so members don’t have to worry about driving to see their doctor or seeing the same pharmacy technician every month when they need a refill.
  • Multiple subscription options make it possible for men to get the dose and medication they need. Men may decide that they’d rather take Tadalafil because it lasts for 36 hours rather than 6 hours. BlueChew’s licensed medical professionals take the time to explain options, so users know what they’re signing up for and how the dose is likely to affect them.

The staff at BlueChew understands that it’s not always so simple to treat ED, particularly if a man has a busy schedule or they’d prefer not to visit their doctor for the condition. If users are looking buy Sildenafil online, setting up an appointment with one of BlueChew’s licensed medical professionals can be the first step to taking action and putting the oomph back in their sex life.

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