Four Must-Know Benefits Of Going Organic With Baby Clothing

Four Must-Know Benefits Of Going Organic With Baby Clothing

The most significant phase of parenting is shopping for all baby essentials and ensuring you only buy the safest product for your little one. Though most parents consider cotton clothing the most skin-friendly and safe choice, there are several downsides to inorganic clothes. The production of cotton clothes involves harmful chemicals from dyeing to printing. Not only are these chemicals polluting effluents, but they induce skin allergies and respiratory syndromes in babies. Around 65% of Australian households buy organic products, says a report from 2019. Thus, organic baby clothing in Australia is witnessing a desirable welcome among parents.

Why is buying organic clothes a sensible option?

Here in Australia, when the label says organic, it does not just mean that the production of the clothing happened sustainably. It also means that the toxic effluents released were minimal and, the entire manufacture was eco-friendly. Most people who have turned to a sustainable living will find organic baby clothing a wonderful option. However, the benefits are not just limited to parents who go the eco-friendly way. Organic baby clothes can have a variety of health benefits on your child. Here are some,

1. A chemical-free touch

Baby clothing remains in contact with the baby’s skin throughout the day. Though inorganic cotton has been a go-to choice for many, these baby clothes contain multiple chemicals coming in touch with your baby’s skin. Also, since cotton is breathable, they are porous, which means that your baby’s skin might absorb these chemicals. Now imagine your baby’s skin and its association with harmful chemicals all day and night. With organic cotton clothes, you can drastically minimise the chemical contact on your baby’s skin and keep their overall health in check.

2. Just made for the allergic

If you have been switching fabrics with your baby clothing, you might find your baby developing allergies or skin rashes at some point. However, this may not be the only reason. Sometimes, your baby can develop allergies and you will never know what caused it. In such cases, experts suggest that inorganic clothing can be one prime reason for babies to have allergic reactions. Since a baby’s immune system is at a developing stage, it is best to avoid products that may contain possible allergens.

On that note, inorganic baby clothing containing chemicals and pesticide traces contain allergens that can quickly elicit an allergy in your baby. Studies say that around 20% of Australian children get affected by contact dermatitis -this is also one reason why organic baby clothing in Australia has been dominating the market since recent years.

3. Gentle on baby’s sensitive skin

Baby skin is highly fragile and is easily vulnerable to external attacks, especially between the age of zero and two. Undoubtedly, that is the reason why parents look for comfort and softness in baby clothes. Just like in organic cotton clothes, organic baby clothing is remarkably soft. It is gentle on the baby’s skin, although its processing involves minimal chemicals.

4. A comfortable choice

Irrespective of Australia’s varying climate, organic cotton clothing can best suit an-all season purpose. They are breathable and wick sweat from your baby’s skin quickly. During winters, organic cotton clothes retain body warmth and keep your baby comfortable. Luckily, like all other baby clothes, organic clothes also come in a variety of styles. So, going the organic way does not limit the way you can style your little one. From rompers to bodysuits, organic clothes are versatile.

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