Finding the Right Swimsuit for Each Body Type

Summer is the perfect time to go out to the beach and enjoy the sun. However, sometimes it brings out little anxiety when it comes to picking out the swimsuit to use. This happening is common, and you are not alone. Looking for flattering one-piece bathing suits or bikini tops can be fun too. The trick lies in understanding your body type and determining your style.

Although swimsuit shopping can be quite intimidating at first, once you’ve started to immerse yourself in the search for that beach outfit, you’ll see that it’s interesting and enjoyable too. There are many available ways and places where you can buy your next bikini tops or monokinis, so there’s no need to worry.

Start your hunt by deciding on a design or style you prefer so you can access it if it works for your body type. Every person is gifted with a unique figure and knowing what will flatter your shape most is one of the key factors in picking any clothing to suit you.

Body Types and Swimsuits That Works Best for Them

  1. Small bust – for this body type, halter or triangle tops with ruffles or wrap style details can help highlight your bust. If you’re opting for added cleavage, padded bra suits or underwire tops is your answer.
  2. Large bust – with this body type, it’s important to consider proper coverage and support. Choosing bikini tops with thicker chest band or wide straps can give you that extra support.
  3. Hourglass body – generally, for this body type, bust and hips are most likely the same widths, but the waist size is smaller. Plunging neckline bikinis or high waist bikinis with cutout designs will help flatter those curves.
  4. Pear shape – when your hips are wider than your waist and bust size, bikinis with a ruffles design will help draw attention to your top instead of your hips. You may also go for a one-piece bathing suit with eye-catching top detail and frilled waistband to accentuate your waistline.
  5. Curvy – if you’re curvy in all areas, bust, hips, butt, and thighs, the trick is to highlight these curves while giving adequate coverage and support. Asymmetrical suits, monokinis or string bikinis that have thicker ties are some of your options.
  6. Apple shape – this body type will look good in one-piece suits and high-waisted tankinis that gives extra coverage and are perfect in concealing the tummy area.

Dos and Don’ts 


  • Buy swimsuits with an extra one size up or down, especially when getting them online. Sizes vary, and it’s best to have an extra to be sure it will fit you. Some swimsuit material also expands when they get wet.
  • Remember to try out your swimsuits before using them on beaches or pools. This way, you’ll have an idea how it would look when worn and adjust areas that you may find uncomfortable or revealing.
  • Have a cover-up ready with you. There are many stylish cover-ups available in the market to choose from. This clothing will be handy in case you feel conscious of your body.


  • Never go for swimsuits just because they’re trendy. Acknowledge your body type and try out if the style fits you. Swimsuits that flatter your figure can bring out more confidence in you.
  • Be mindful of picking out larger sizes for the reason that you want more coverage. Often, this will only result in fabric gaps and failure in support. Instead of going for bigger sizes, look for a style that gives more coverage.

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