Finding Fun without Wandering Far from Home

Finding Fun without Wandering Far from Home

These past few months have been hard on everyone. Adapting to a completely new lifestyle filled with restrictions can take a toll on our wellbeing. Particularly for those living in Portugal, where the good weather and the always invitational lifestyle had to be temporarily put on hold.

Since none of us is alone in these troubled times, and a dim light starts to shine at the end of the tunnel, there are plenty of creative ways to have fun things to do at home or in its vicinity. This may prove to be a unique opportunity to discover a few activities that have never crossed your mind and will pose as a shining light of its own that you’ll remember for years.

The author Victoria Oliveira (more about her view here) leads us on a positive and fun article sharing a few thoughts on extremely fun activities you can do today without wandering far from home.

How’s Your Garden?

You don’t necessarily have to own a huge garden, with several fruit trees and glorious flowers. Seedlings can do the trick, and for those, you don’t even need to go outside. There are few things more rewarding than watching a new life grow in the form of a plant. For children, it’s an absolute must into the wonders and secrets of life itself.

Play Your Best Hand

Playing for free or risk winning a prize is easy on any casinos online Portugal. Technology has brought us great things and some fun stuff to do as well. With only a very few land-based casinos in the country, there are really no excuses to miss out on a blackjack hand, a poker tournament, or even enjoy a spin at one of the thousands of slots at your disposal.

Board Games Are Back

It may be time to get the dust brush out since that free time will be rewarded through your old table games – and perhaps a few new ones. If you’re after something fun to do, a game of scrabble, monopoly or Pictionary will not only bring back great memories but also forge new ones.

It’s no surprise that a recent popular TV show made everyone order a chessboard online, so what are you waiting for?

Can You Sing?

Even if you can’t, that’s fine. For those looking at how to have fun at home, little things can be as glorious and embarrassing as a karaoke session. With several online platforms giving a hand, both the 80s greatest hits and the latest pop sensation can be recreated in your living room.

Who’s Hungry?

If the weather is looking good, a BBQ will go a long way in the list of fun things you can do at home. Should a garden be available, perfect? If not, consider grilling the food and turning that BBQ into a picnic at the nearest available park.

The fresh air and the glorious warm(ish) meal will be enough to get the spirits up for the days ahead.

Play the Part

With so many movies and TV scripts available for free online, it’s easy to impersonate your favourite characters of all times and find a great way on how to have fun at home. It may be the perfect time to discover the silver screen’s next big star, as well as provide a new perspective on how hard acting really is.

If there are kids in the house, they’ll surely have a blast putting together some of their everlasting favourites. Odds are that they know their lines far better than the adults.

A Fierce Battle 

There’s no need to go to great lengths when looking for something fun to do. A handful of water balloons is one of the cheapest investments anyone can make towards a fun afternoon. Expect the spring – or the early spring, if you’re in Portugal – and start planning your best moves.

Anywhere outside will do, as long as there is enough strength to keep the tactics going and no neighbours to turn into (soaked) casualties!

Family Gifts

It’s usual to only think about gifts for your loved ones on birthdays, Christmas and the occasional special date. But what if you’re after fun stuff to do that can be heart-warming, then crafting gifts for your family is as good as it gets.

Make it personal and put all of yourself into it – whether it’s a scrapbook, a written story about your relationship or something else crafter with your hands, those are the presents that carry true meaning.

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