Find The Best Site Grading Plan

Find The Best Site Grading Plan

Site Grading Plan (Lot Grading plan) is the required item, part of the approval process for the building permit and site plan applications

Elmid Design Inc. is a professional engineering firm that provides a wide range of services, including grading and servicing plan development. Our professional engineers (P.Eng) are experienced in creating effective grading and servicing plan that meet the requirements of the Toronto Green Standard while ensuring proper drainage, stormwater management, and service connections. Here are the requirements and components of a grading and servicing plan in Toronto

Introducing Our Engineering Services

We are a Toronto-based engineering company serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) with comprehensive services. We prioritize quality and sustainability and aim to meet customer needs while maintaining a high standard of work.

Grading Plan Service:


  • Grading Engineer

Our team of experienced engineers can help you with all stages of the grading design process. From initial planning and assessment to executing the project, our professionals will go above and beyond to get the job done right. We provide expertise in site preparation, excavation, erosion control, soil testing, contour mapping and more.

We aim to ensure your grading plan meets all Ontario Building Code standards, local regulations and industry best practices.

Our services include:

  • Developing an understanding of the ground conditions of a site, also, 
  • Assessing regulatory requirements for a project, Additionally, 
  • Collecting field information such as soil data and topography, Furthermore,
  • Drawing and mapping contours from field data collected, also,
  • Analysing drainage patterns with flow mapping software
  • Calculating cut/fill volumes needed for construction activities
  • Designing sewer systems or subdrainage systems based on location-specific regulations
  • Suggesting appropriate soil stabilisation measures (sand mats/geogrids) to achieve compliance
  • Establishing surface drainage solutions that account for water velocity direction and volume range
  • Creating erosion control plan to Ensure sediment is controlled onsite during active construction stages

We dedicate ourselves to providing our customers with quality services that efficiently meet their needs. Get started on your project by contacting us today!

  • Grading Plan Cost

We are committed to providing our customers competitive prices for their grading plan. Our pricing is based on the size and complexity of the project, as well as current market rates for similar services.

Additionally, we strive to be transparent about our costs and offer flexible payment terms so you can spread out the cost of your project over time if needed. We want our customers to be satisfied with their projects while also getting good value for their money. We believe in providing quality services at an affordable price that meets your budget and exceeds expectations.

  • Grading Plan Drawings

Our plans are detailed yet easy-to-understand drawings that will give you a clear picture of your site’s appearance when completed. These drawings include all the necessary information, such as elevations, contour lines, surface drainage patterns and other essential data that helps ensure compliance with local regulations and building codes.

Our team is experienced in creating accurate plan to meet your grading needs. We understand that these plan can be complex, so we take the time to explain them clearly so you can easily understand them and make informed decisions about your project.



A grading plan is a document that outlines the proposed changes to the land’s natural topography, such as the grading or excavation of soil, to accommodate new structures, drainage systems, or other developments. The plan also describes the types of materials to be used, the placement of utilities, and any other relevant information.

In Toronto, the requirements for grading plans can vary depending on the type and scale of the development. Some of the general requirements for a grading plan in Toronto include:

  • A detailed site plan showing the location of the proposed development and the existing topography of the site, also,
  • An elevation plan that shows the proposed grading and any changes to the existing topography, including  drainage features, moreover,
  • A stormwater management plan that describes how the site will manage rainwater and runoff, additionally 
  • A landscaping plan that shows the proposed planting areas and the types of vegetation to be used, also,
  • Details on erosion and sediment control measures to be taken during construction, as a result,
  • Approval from the local authorities, including the City of Toronto’s Engineering and Construction Services and the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA).

These are some of the general requirements for a grading plan in Toronto, but it’s important to note that the specific requirements can vary depending on the project and location. It’s recommended to consult with a qualified engineer or consultant to ensure compliance with local regulations and to develop an effective grading plan.

Grading Plans in Vaughan 

A grading plan is essential to the permit application process for various construction projects and building permit in Vaughan. It ensures that your project adheres to stormwater management regulations, site drainage requirements, and erosion control standards. The grading plan is required for different construction permits, such as pool permits, walkout permits, new house permits, and new addition permits.

Our team at the engineering company in the Toronto area also specializes in providing grading plan for projects in Richmond Hill. We understand that it is important to follow the local guidelines defined by your community when developing or improving land within a municipality.

We provide meticulous analysis and detailed design solutions to help property owners comply with municipal regulations while ensuring all necessary permits are issued promptly.

The City of Richmond Hill requires any work that alters the land’s surface to have a Site Alteration Permit, including grading, excavation, filling, and removal of soil. The City issues the permit under the Site Alteration By-law to ensure safe and responsible site alteration work that does not negatively affect the environment or neighboring properties.

The Site Alteration Permit application process involves several steps, including the submission of a detailed grading plan that meets the City’s requirements, as well as information on erosion and sediment control measures, soil management, and any other necessary approvals from other authorities, such as conservation authorities. The applicant must also pay a fee and provide proof of insurance.

The City of Richmond Hill also requires that the applicant engage the services of a qualified professional, such as a professional engineer or a qualified designer, to prepare the grading plan and oversee the site alteration work. The professional must have license in the province of Ontario.

At Elmid Design Inc., our team of professional engineers and qualified designers have extensive experience in preparing grading plan and obtaining Site Alteration Permits in the City of Richmond Hill. Contact us today to learn more about our Site Alteration Permit services in Ontario.

The Residential Infill Grading and Servicing (RGS) process for Grading Plan In Markham  is a thorough and organized approach to grading and servicing residential properties. Furthermore, it involves a team of experts, including a grading designer and a Professional Engineer (P.Eng), to ensure that the grading plan meets all the necessary requirements of the Ontario Building Code and the local municipality.

Our experienced engineers can also create grading plan on projects located in Markham. With our expert knowledge and understanding of the specific rules at each location, we ensure that all site grades, elevations and other factors adhere to code requirements while still allowing you to reach your desired goals.

We use advanced technology such as GIS mapping software to create accurate site plan before submitting them for approval from local authorities or private service providers.

  • Drainage Plan

A well-thought-out and effective drainage plan are essential for any construction project. Our team of professionals can design solutions tailored to each customer’s specific needs that ensure proper flow of water offsite from their property while meeting Ontario Building Code Requirements and local government regulations.

We design plans to prevent flood damage and protect your property from drainage-related damage.

Our sewer connection plans connect existing infrastructure to proposed development sites without compromising old infrastructure or land use planning.

Our comprehensive solutions include identifying potential conflicts and the best way to route service connections.

We have experienced engineers with extensive knowledge of local regulations and building codes.

Clients can rest assured that their project will meet all applicable requirements.


Our knowledgeable staff can help identify areas on a property where re-grading might be necessary to meet all Ontario Building Code requirements when constructing driveways or foundations for buildings or structures onsite.

We provide input into major structural items such as optimal grades established at driveways, sloping surfaces away from buildings, soil compaction ratings, drainage patterns around retaining walls, and parking lots. With our expertise and guidance, you can trust that your construction project will meet code requirements and be safe for use.


  • Stormwater Management Report

Stormwater management reports are integral to any development process from small residential to large-scale industrial sites. Our team of experienced professionals will provide detailed information regarding how surface runoff should be controlled onsite before being safely discharged offsite in compliance with environmental regulations from Conservation Authorities and Federal Environment Canada guidelines.

Our reports analyze runoff volumes and frequencies, hydrologic characteristics such as catchment size and runoff intensity, potential sources of pollution entering receiving streams, methods and techniques used to control stormwater runoff, natural wetlands present on site, and more! With our comprehensive stormwater reports, you can trust that your development project meets all applicable regulations.

Our experienced engineers specialize in creating advanced, high-quality grading plans for residential and commercial properties that meet Ontario Building Code standards, local regulations, and our customer’s specific needs. Our grading plans provide detailed solutions for site preparation, excavation, erosion control and all other aspects of onsite grading activities. Contact us today to start on your project!

  • Grading Plan Requirements

A grading plan is a crucial document that outlines the site’s grading, drainage, and erosion control measures and should include several key components.

These include:

  • Site Information: This includes the project’s name, address, and location, along with the property lines, scale, and orientation of the plan.
  • Topography: The plan should display the existing topography of the site, including contours, elevations, and slope analysis that provided by a surveyor.
  • Proposed Grading: This should detail the proposed changes to the site’s topography, including new contours, cut, and fill slopes, grading limits, and drainage patterns.
  • Drainage: This should show the existing and proposed drainage patterns and systems, including inlets, pipes, swales, and detention ponds.
  • Erosion Control Measures: We should detail the measures that we will implement in the plan to prevent soil erosion and sedimentation, including temporary and permanent erosion control measures
  • Landscape and Hardscape Features: The grading plan should show the location of any proposed landscape or hardscape features, such as retaining walls, sidewalks, and other structures.
  • Utility Lines: The plan should display the location of existing and proposed utility lines, such as water and sewer lines.

Grading plans are vital documents that provide a roadmap for land development projects. At Elmid Design Inc., we have the expertise to prepare accurate, efficient, and reliable grading plans that meet all relevant regulations and standards. Contact us today to learn more about our grading plan requirements services in Ontario.

Grading Plan Drawing

Self-contained Grading Plan

“Self-contained” in site grading plan means the work must not affect neighboring properties. It should avoid water flow or excavation impact.

The City of Toronto mandates that licensed professionals prepare grading and drainage plans. The city reviews and approves them before any grading work.

The city also has regulations that oversee grading work’s effect on neighboring properties.

At Elmid Design Inc., we prepare comprehensive and accurate grading plans. Our team includes licensed professionals, including professional engineers and qualified designers.

Our experts work closely with clients to ensure the plans meet all relevant regulations and standards. Contact us today.

Drainage Plan

We need the following to prepare the required site grading and drainage plan (lot grading and drainage plan):

CAD drawing of the site plan showing the following details:

  •     Proposed building location, including porches and steps/stairs, as well as,
  •     Proposed/existing road layout including curbs, sidewalks, also,
  •     Proposed /existing fencing including acoustical, privacy and flankage fencing

CAD drawing of the Topographic Survey showing the elevations of the following:

  •     Spot elevations within the lot, minimum 5 m outside the property boundaries including curbs, sidewalks and centreline of the road, also,
  •     Lateral invert elevations of water, sanitary, storm service connections at the street line, Furthermore,
  •     Grate and invert elevations of all catchbasins, Additionally,
  •     Elevations of any existing swales, ditches, culverts, creeks, watercourses, ravines, and drainage easements/routes complete with inverts.

Municipalities that we service:

Our Licensed Professional Engineers specialize in Site Grading Plan (Lot Grading Plans) for site plan approval and building permits. Our plans provide drainage and erosion/sediment/siltation control in Ontario, including major municipalities like Toronto, Burlington, and Oakville.

We also offer our services in Richmond Hill, Pickering, Vaughan, Whitby, Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon, Vaughan, Aurora, and more.

Our experts can prepare engineered site grading plan for municipalities, including conservation authorities such as TRCA and LSRCA.

Contact Elmid Design Inc. for our professional grading plan requirements services that will meet all of your specific project requirements.

 Grading Plan Drawing

Sample Lot Grading Plan Prepared by Elmid Design Inc.

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