FileSynced TV App Store

FileSynced TV App Store

It is necessary to use any third-party app store on your TV box. Because your default app store does not have all popular or trending apps and games. Do you know there are many awesome free Movies, TV shows, Live TV and other apps available outside default app store? Play Store TV is the default app store most Android TV boxes out there. Amazon App Store was used on all Amazon Fire TV devices. You can replace those app stores with FileSynced.

Many try to use Android app stores like AC Market, Aptoide on their TV boxes. Those app store does not have any use with TV boxes. Android app stores has apps and games for mobile phones not for TV. You can install those apps on TV too since both are based on Android. But does not work fully and work smoothly on TV. TV apps should design to work with bigger screen and TV remote. Apps that are designed to work on smaller screens and touch controls will not work smoothly. For example, VLC has TV version and mobile version for better use experience. If you use Android App store instead of TV app store, you will install VLC mobile version instead of TV version.

FileSynced for all Android TV boxes

FileSynced support all most all Android TV boxes including Nvidia Shield TV, Mi BOX, SkyStream, Fire TV stick, Fire TV Cube and all. Unlike other TV app stores, FileSynced is maintained by TV community. For example, FileSynced consist of many stores created by users. Every store requires FileSynced code to access. You can check trending codes section for popular FileSynced codes. Every FileSynced store has apps and games added by that specific user not FileSynced. FileSynced does not create or maintain those stores. Therefore, install those apps at your own risk.

There are few FileSynced alternatives like UnLinked and AppLinked. Those two also work similar to FileSynced. Those two also offer free service to create app stores and share with others. Unlike other app stores, FileSynced offer all trending FileSynced codes withing the app. For UnLinked and AppLinked, you have to search internet for trending codes. If you do not like codes to access stores, then use Aptoide TV. It is similar to play store TV.

Many use this service to create their own list of images, music, video, films and etc. Because this is the best way to share your file collection with others without actually sending files. Once you create your store, you can easily share them with simple and easy to remember code. No need to type hard to remember long URLs on TV using TV remote.

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