Facing container tracking issues? Here is how you can solve them in 2021

Facing container tracking issues? Here is how you can solve them in 2021

Whether you are using pallets, totes, bins or any other types of containers, the inability to track containers can create a variety of major issues in your supply chain. There are numerous tracking issues like lost containers, downtimes, delayed notifications that need to be resolved in order to maintain the supply chain process swiftly. Failed tracking systems not only incur a huge operational cost but also have serious side effects like delayed delivery, poor customer experience, poor ROI and so on. If you’re also facing these types of container tracking¬†issues, this article is for you. This post is compiled with some effective ways to resolve container tracking problems in 2021!

A powerful container tracking system allows you to keep an eye on your shipments.

Common Problems Faced By Companies In Terms of Container Tracking

Before learning about the solutions to the container tracking issue, it’s important to identify the challenges in the first place. Below are some of the biggest container tracking related problems faced by the companies :

  • Loss, damage or theft to containers
  • Inability to track the shipments
  • Failed container tracking systems
  • Lack of advanced tracking technologies
  • Stockholding by the receiver.
  • Reuse or disposal of returnable containers
  • Misdirected shipments
  • Delay in shipments

These are some of the most common challenges faced by companies regarding container tracking. These issues become even bigger when you’re shipping through problematic transportation systems.

Smart companies and business owners have realised that using the right technology is the only way to deal with tracking issues and keep the supply chain flowing. The robust tracking systems allow businesses and organizations to protect their investment, manage their containers and shipments in a better way.

What Makes A Robust Container Tracking System?

The best container tracking system is the one that uses advanced technology that enables businesses to reduce their delayed shipments and manage the transition process effectively. The right tracking systems save you from getting blamed for damaged or lost containers during the movement. Most 3PL providers and container market places have their own reliable container tracking systems, all you need to do is leverage their capabilities.

What Is The Best Technology For Container Tracking?

Although most companies use barcodes and labels for tracking their package and inventory movements, these technologies can offer certain limitations. These need the items or packages to be within the line of sight of a barcode reader, which in turn require continuous manual interaction. This is where modern technologies like Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), satellite tracking and short-range wireless tracking systems offer great help. These systems don’t require a clear line of sight of the freight and track the movements of multiple shipments simultaneously.

Talking specifically about the RFID systems, they require much less human interaction and deliver highly effective results. For this reason, it has become the most preferred technology for container tracking systems.

Benefits of Using The Best Container Tracking Technology

For most businesses, the decision to use a reliable container tracking system comes from financial reasons. The reason behind this is simple and rather obvious, companies have to lose a good chunk of their revenue due to faulty tracking and delayed delivery problems.

A modern RFID based container tracking system can help in controlling this cost. This reason is enough to understand that it is totally worth the investment.

A successful container tracking system not only saves your operational cost but also offers several additional advantages. Some of them are listed below :

1. Better Control and Enhanced Management

Unique Identification numbers for GPS devices attached to containers provide the exact location and real-time visibility of the shipments and returns. This includes useful information such as the date shipped, the vessel shipped on, date received, etc.

2. Better Visibility of Inventory Details

The quantity, status and location of your containers are updated automatically. The GPS or satellite mechanism provides you with the exact movement of your containers. Further, if you’re using RFID tags, the quantity and weight of your shipment will be checked on the source port as well as on the destination. This will prevent the loss and theft of containers.

3. Reduction in Operational Cost

Container loss, damage or theft can incur a significant amount of operational cost. With a robust container tracking system, you can reduce all of this cost which will automatically add to your revenue.

4. Better Productivity

With advanced and automated container tracking systems, you’ll not have to keep the counts, perform manual audits and update the container status manually. This will result in increased and enhanced productivity.

5. Improved Supply Chain Management

Data based reporting and timely alerts allow you to determine the cost for damaged and lost containers beforehand. This will enhance your supply chain flow.

6. Timely Deliveries

The biggest advantage of having a powerful container tracking system is, you’ll be able to deliver your shipments in a timely manner. Even if a vessel breakdown occurs during the transition, you can get notified in advance and direct another vessel to carry your freight forward.

7. Improved Monitoring

Lastly, the right technology enables you to keep an eye on your shipments all the time. This will ease out the overall business operations.

The powerful container tracking systems are capable of providing all of these benefits. The good thing is, many container marketplaces offer robust container tracking systems that you can use and benefit from.

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