Everything you need to know about React

Everything you need to know about React

Web app development has become a very popular field in these recent times. As more and more people have started using computers and smartphones, the appeal and demand for apps have skyrocketed. In this highly competitive market, you do not want to be left behind because of outdatedtools. React is an open-source, front end, JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It isone of the best development tools for developers who want to create functional and robust apps for all kinds of users. This is all the more reason for budding app developers to take a React online course.

What is React?

React basically is a runtime library based on Javascript that is used to create rich web applications. The React framework is divided into two popular concepts. First is React.js, which is based on javascript runtime and is used for creating interactive User Interfaces for web apps. A user interface is a visual application of the code where users can interact with various icons and buttons to execute a variety of programmed tasks. Almost every application we use today is based on a UI otherwise we’d have to type lines of code in order to do even the most basic task. Needless to say, UI development is a whole separate field of expertise and is an integral part of the overall user experience of the application. In React.js every UI element is built as a single customizable component that can then be brought together to create complex UI patterns. This way, you have much more creative freedom and flexibility in designing your UI, and because it is based on Javascript, the programming language is familiar to most developers.

The pre-requisite to learning the usage of React is that you should be familiar with JavaScript and HTML. However, even if you are not from this background, you should not have any problem in following along. You will also find it easy to connect if you are aware of the concepts like arrays, objects, functions and also some part of classes.

How to learn React?                   

In order to learn how to use React, you should undergo a React Online course. These courses are usually very affordable and teach you everything about React.js right from the basics to even more advanced applications. After getting certifications for completion of the course, you can build your own portfolio and then get hired by businesses as a professional web developer. The React online course is usually twenty-four to thirty-six hours long in duration. You do not need to have any prerequisite experience or education to undertake this course which makes it very approachable. Also, there is no examination that you need to give in order to receive your certification. Basic knowledge of Javascript, HTML, and CSS will be very useful while learning React.

In conclusion, React is a robust framework to develop web apps. By undertaking a React online course, you can even become a master developer!

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