Eightcap Review: Is this a trustable platform or not?

Eightcap Review: Is this a trustable platform or not?

Eightcap is an Australian-based brokerage that has been providing its clients with a clear price structure since 2009 via lower initial spreads on quotations from a wide variety of major banks and financial institutions via technical solutions delivered via methods of Equinix servers.

In addition to its famous Australian headquarters, Eightcap also has regional offices in the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, and Cyprus, all of which help the company’s worldwide markets. This broker provides affiliates, IBs, and influencers with technology benefits and collaboration options in addition to the service to retail clients.

Eightcap is committed to building a community for MT4 and MT5 traders, where they may enjoy a customized buying experience. This broker provides customers with market access through the industry-leading MetaTrader platforms, where clients can trade in a wide choice of financial instruments with tight spreads and fast execution.

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Types of accounts

The EighCap 2 account types give traders an easy alternative among two accounts: whether trade with Standard conditions, without any restrictions at all included in a spread, or via Raw Account, featuring spreads starting at 0.0 pips and commissions for experienced traders.

Also, traders of any type are welcome, and there are no limits on the use of Expert Advisors or other techniques on the size of the lots that may be traded or the amount of leverage that can be used. All traders can have access to the same competent trading conditions and company assistance, no matter what type of account they have.

Platforms for Trading

Eightcap provides its traders with the cutting-edge platform MetaTrader 4 and the even more powerful and recent MT5. TradingView, which allows users to configure a desktop over many displays, is also now available to traders. Both desktop and mobile apps built using the same proprietary system allow users to see up-to-the-minute pricing data, keep tabs on their accounts, engage in real-time chat, and receive push notifications.

A wide variety of signals and trading methods are available on MT4, providing traders with all they need to make profitable trades.

As an extra benefit, Eightcap customers can automate their transactions without knowing how to code. Using the capitalise.ai tool, The automation and analytical tools available to Eightcap customers include backtesting, loop techniques, smart alerts, and many more.


Is it secure to do business with Eightcap?

It’s not a scam. EightCap is a safe and regulated trading platform. It’s licensed and regulated by the Australia Securities & Investment Commission (ASIC), which is one of the world’s leading financial regulators.

Multiple businesses are considered regulated entities. Only EightCap, however, excels in areas such as corporate responsibility, transparency in the accounts, and good communication with investors.

All customer funds are managed and protected in a secure environment, apart from the company’s general finances. In addition, EightCap provides added security by carrying a professional insurance policy, giving you peace of mind and promoting reliable partnership.

However, Eightcap supports a secondary organization, an offshore division headquartered in the Bahamas that offers its services to clients worldwide. We never advise our clients to use an offshore broker, but Eightcap’s license from ASIC shows that strict regulations govern the company.

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