Easy Steps to Make Kratom Chocolate At Home

Easy Steps to Make Kratom Chocolate At Home

Unlike the name suggests, Kratom Chocolate isn’t made from cocoa powder, nor does it contain any. You see, taking Kratom on its own can be unpleasant, mainly if your taste buds aren’t accustomed to new, unfamiliar tastes. Kratom powder may have a chalky taste and will leave a strange taste in your mouth if you’re a first-timer.

However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try out this great supplement. With a bit of luck and some science in the kitchen, you can cook up a combination of Kratom and chocolate, and that will take away some of the bitterness of Kratom. It’s a thing, and it’s called “Kratom Chocolate.” This is not to be confused with the Kratom strain of a similar name.

Chocolate Kratom (the strain) takes this name after an aspect it has, which is its color. It’s reddish-brown, and the color is somewhat similar to that of milk chocolate. This strain is extracted from the pure red leaves of the plant then taken through a unique fermentation process, which only the farmers and distributors strictly know. This can make it as strong as the high quality green maeng da capsules.

With that said, let’s get into some of the ways you can make Kratom chocolate from the comfort of your home.

1.  Kratom Chocolate Milk

It’s already out there that Kratom mixes well with several drinks, be it tea, coffee, freshly squeezed orange juice, or plain old water. But have you ever wanted to elevate your Kratom drink experience? If that’s a yes, you should try fusing Kratom powder with a glass of cold chocolate milk.

This is the easiest of all Kratom chocolate recipes. Think of it as the path of least resistance when you want to take Kratom with chocolate. All you need to do is get yourself pre-made chocolate milk, then stir in your preferred dose of Kratom powder.

The sweet bursty notes of chocolate in the milk will wash away any bitterness or earthy taste of the Kratom powder, and you’ll barely even notice it’s there. Another way you can create this drink is by getting either chocolate syrup, or chocolate powder, and milk. Ensure you get whole milk because low-fat or non-fat milk may not cut it. Fatty foods cut through bitterness much better.

As a pro tip, you should also buy chocolate milk products that are low in sugar. Yes, sugary sweets are the opposite of bitter foods, but the sharp difference in flavor and taste may not cover the bitterness of Kratom. Go with dark chocolate that has a low sugar content instead.

2.  Chocolate Kratom Milkshake

This drink may be similar to the one above, but there’s a catch to it — a milkshake has more ingredients and tastes a lot better. The sweet chocolate will mask the bitter flavor of Kratom, while the milk neutralizes the tannins in the herb that cause the bitter taste.

You can also get other benefits from this combination. When you mix your daily dose of Kratom powder into the milk, it can be easily absorbed by your body because Kratom is fat-soluble. Here are the ingredients you’ll need:

  • Two tablespoons of chocolate milk powder.
  • A scoop of ice cream.
  • One cup of whole milk or non-dairy milk.
  • ·One tablespoon of chocolate syrup.
  • A pinch of salt.
  • Your desired dose of Kratom.

In a blender, combine all ingredients with ice, blend on medium speed, then serve. You can also add a scoop of ice cream for an indulgent treat and a cherry on top, maybe.

3.  Kratom Chocolate Chip Cookies

Sometimes you may not want to take Kratom as a drink, and baking it baked goodies is also a viable idea. For a tasty, mid-afternoon snack, nothing comes on top of a chocolate chip cookie. The gooey melting chocolate chips and chewy texture is unbeaten.

You’ll need:

  • A half teaspoon of salt
  • Two cups of all-purpose flour
  • Half a stick of unsalted butter at room temperature
  • One cup of brown sugar
  • One tablespoon of cornflour
  • Half a cup of chocolate chips
  • Half a teaspoon of baking soda
  • Twenty-four grams of Kratom powder
  • One whole egg
  • One egg yolk
  • Two tablespoons of vanilla extract


  1. Preheat your oven to 325°F and place parchment paper on two baking sheets.
  2. Combine the sugar and butter and cream them in an electric mixer for around five minutes until they’re light and fluffy.
  3. Add in the egg, vanilla extract, and egg yolk and continue mixing until the mixture gets the consistency of a mousse.
  4. Sift in your flour, baking soda, salt, Kratom, and cornflour but only do it in batches. Using a wooden spoon, incorporate the dry ingredients slowly.
  5. Mix in your chocolate chips.
  6. Divide the dough into small balls using an ice cream scooper, and place them on the baking sheets. Ensure you leave at least 2 inches in between each ball so that they can spread freely in the oven.
  7. Bake for 12 minutes, and swap the trays halfway through baking.
  8. In the end, remove the cookies and let them cool for about 10 minutes.


Kratom and chocolate are the combinations you never knew you needed in your life. These easy and mouth-watering techniques will help you cut out the bitterness of Kratom while you indulge in a treat you love. The prep time for all these steps is around 10 to 30 minutes so that they won’t take up much of your time.

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