Easy Argumentative Essay Topics writes

Easy Argumentative Essay Topics writes

You can choose from various topics when you need to write argumentative topics. You can focus on multiple subjects, such as Legal and moral issues, Art, Music, and more. These are popular topics because they are debatable and make for excellent argumentative essay topics. You can also choose a topic that relates to your daily life. For example, if you are going to write about online dating apps, you can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new technology.

Argumentative essay topics are debated daily.

Many people are interested in current events. There are thousands of different things happening every day. Papers on historical issues can be dull, so it is best to choose the current problems for discussion. For example, discuss the debate on whether it is suitable for humans to colonize other planets. You could also write about whether the government should be more socially responsible or provide free, universal education.

Another popular topic is the death penalty. The debated issue has two primary schools of thought: permissible and not permissible. While the issue is complicated, the primary arguments usually favour the death penalty. In such cases, your primary objective should be to develop a specific statement supporting a particular position.

Legal and moral issues

Legal and moral issues are always popular topics for argumentative essays. Some topics you can write about include the importance of education, how children should be motivated to learn different languages, and the harmful effects of fast food. You can even write about the importance of not letting your children play with mobile phones. Thousands of events happen daily, and writing about them will be more exciting and engaging than a paper about a historical topic. For example, 2020 will be significant, with many global issues, political events, and milestones.

Moral and legal issues are easy argumentative essay topics, as they don’t require super technical research. Just make sure to research, stay within the current laws, and don’t make any suggestions on how to change them. Moral issues are also great topics for argumentative essays since they cover many ethical dilemmas. Some of these issues may include animal testing and the death penalty.


When writing an argumentative essay, art can be a great choice. Art is a form of expression rooted in history and reflects human thought. It can be anything from Ancient Greece’s sculptures to Japan’s rock garden. The arts have a significant impact on society. Art is also an excellent topic for comparison essays, comparing works from different eras.

An argumentative art essay is a good choice for students to explore and improve their writing skills, and it can also help increase one’s knowledge of artists and art history. It is essential to choose a topic that is relevant to your chosen subject, is interesting to you, and makes for an arguable thesis statement.


A music essay should focus on a specific music-related topic and present both sides of the argument. Using reliable facts is also crucial in a music essay. The first step in choosing a subject is to find something that interests you. If you like a particular genre of music, this is the best topic to write about.

Before you choose a topic, check the instructions or guidelines of your assignment. If the assignment does not specify a case, you can choose anything you want, but if the requirements are flexible, you should stick to those. In addition, you should consider the level of knowledge you have about the subject and your time constraints.


Films are an excellent topic for argumentative essays. The 5 W’s of a movie analysis essay are: who, what, when, why, and how. When writing a film analysis essay, include evidence from the film and social and historical context to support your arguments. Also, have your opinion and quotes from the film to make your statement more genuine.

Some argumentative essay topics can be dry and dull. Choosing an enjoyable topic will lighten the reader’s mood and help you engage the audience. In addition, an argumentative essay topic that is funny will keep the reader’s interest for the entire piece.


If you want to write an interesting and informative essay, technology is a good choice. You can write about the impact of technology on our lives, including how humans and machines work together. For example, you can register an argumentative essay about the mobile phone and how it has changed how people communicate.

One of the best ways to pick a topic is to consider your audience. What interests them? Technology, social media, movies, or other issues that influence them. If you need help with what to write about, consider asking your instructor for some ideas.


When choosing an argumentative essay topic, family is a good option. It’s a topic that touches many people’s hearts and also provides good research material. It can be about famous family events, women’s rights in the 1950s, the role of nurses during the Crimean War, or even the peculiarities of family life in Muslim countries. The key is to reflect on a meaningful topic and develop a thesis statement that explains your main point.

A family essay can cover various issues, from divorce to forced marriage. Topics can also include matters like family values and the role of scouting in fostering strong family bonds.

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