Diversity of national parks in Poland by ITS DMC Poland.

Diversity of national parks in Poland by ITS DMC Poland.

Poland has many pristine and natural areas. They are excellent tourist destinations especially during COVID pandemics. They offer numerous opportunities for relaxation and spending time actively. There are 23 national parks in Poland and in total they cover 1% of the country’s area. National parks are scattered around the whole country so, no matter which part of Poland you are currently planning to visit, you may be sure that one or a few of them will be around. Below you will find the list of all national parks in Poland and description of a few most interesting ones by ITS DMC Poland.

In terms of landscape qualities we can divide Polish national parks into the following categories:

  • Seaside areas: Woliński, Słowiński
  • Lake district areas: Wigierski, Wielkopolski, BoryTucholskie, Drawieński, Poleski
  • Lowland areas: Biebrzański, Narwiański, Białowieski, Kampinowki, Ujście Warty
  • Upland areas: Ojcowski, Świętokrzyski, Roztoczański
  • Mountain areas: Karkonowski, GórStołowych, Babiogórski, Gorczański, Tatrzański, Pieniński, Magórski, Bieszczadzki

Most interesting national parks in Poland by ITS DMC Poland:

Białowieża National Park

It is the only natural area in Poland enlisted at Natural UNESCO World Heritage List. It includes common area of transborder primeval forest located in Bialowieza region in Poland and Belorussia. It is the last such forest in Europe and also sanctuary of an European Bison. Usually, tourist groups sightsee Białowieża village with original wooden households, visit the modern Natural History Museum of Białowieża National Park and take guided tours in the park itself. ITS DMC Poland also advises to visit the local restaurant located in the historic, wooden railway station in Bialowieża as it is a very interesting regional attraction. 

Słowiński National Park

Did you know that it is possible to feel like on a desert in the heart of Europe? This experience is guaranteed in Słowiński National Park in Łeba area. This national park is famous for its enormous moving dunes. Another curiosity of the area is that these 30 meters high geological structures are in constant motion, so every time you get there you may see completely different shapes and sizes. Walking among the moving dunes is slightly extra-terrestrial experience really worth taking. ITS DMC Poland also recommends visiting Sarbsk Sea Park, one of the biggest amusement parks in the country with seals shows.

Stołowe Mountains National Park (Table Mountains)

Table Mountains in Poland offer magnificent panoramas and very curious rock labyrinths. If you happen to visit Klodzko Valley you definitely must visit rock labyrinths in SzczeliniecWielki and BłędneSkały. Moreover, Kłodzka Valley offers multitude of other tourist attractions and beautiful, historicalspa towns. ITS DMC Poland offers interesting article about other attractions of this area here

Tatra National Park

It is located south of Cracow agglomeration. It is the only national park in Poland that offers alpine type of mountains and is probably the most popular one in the country. Tourists can find here the highest peak in the park and whole Poland – Rysy 2499 m above sea level. Tatra mountains have climate zones which also influence creation of fauna and flora zones. Currently, Tatra National Park is visited by about 2.5 million tourists every year and the main city of the region Zakopane is called a winter capital of Poland.

Ojców National Park

It is located north of Cracow agglomeration and is famous for its Jurassic limestone formations. It is Mecca for rock climbers and speleologists from all over the country. The land of the park is built of Jurassic limestone created about 150 million years ago. Such a geological structure created favourable conditions for developing of caves. In the park there are about 700 of them.There are also deep canyons even up to 120 m high. Usually, tourists visit in this area Lokietek Cave and Pieskowa Skala Castle with very original rock formation of Hercules’ Club. ITS DMC Poland also recommends visiting Eagles’ Nests route of Medieval castles and fortifications in the area.

Summing up, Poland has many interesting natural areas and 23 national parks and numerous natural reserves create amazing opportunities for relaxation among natural wonders. The diversity of natural attractions is huge and the above described ones are just a fraction of all interesting sights worth seeing. If you are a nature lover, you just have to discover Poland and its environmental richness. Finally, if any of the above areas caught your interest, please contact ITS DMC Poland company to plan your Polish adventure. Don’t wait any longer, start your adventure still today!

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