Develop High-performing Mobile Apps With Python

Develop High-performing Mobile Apps With Python

Most entrepreneurs start with a fantastic idea, but due to a wrong choice in selecting the development language, they often land up in a pile of mess. A good idea is crucial for developing a mobile application, but choosing the right technology is the core of successful app development

Don’t worry if you haven’t set your mind on a decision; we are here to help! As a mobile app development company with a decade long experience in the market, we intend to make you aware of the brilliant benefits Python brings to mobile app development. 

As per a report shared by Stack Overflow, Python is one of the most rapidly-growing programming languages, famous for solving many development-related issues. The market or developers and entrepreneurs identify Python as reliable, ubiquitous, reliable and easy to learn. 

Furthermore, it is known as a high-level, general-purpose language that can meet the requirements of the majority of mobile applications. 

App development with Python is so popular that the programming language could beat Java to grab the title of the top programming language in the market. 

Entrepreneurs can use Python to develop the following:

  • Banking software such as mobile banking platforms and apps
  • Quantitative finance tools for massive datasets
  • Cryptocurrency solutions
  • Algorithmic trading solutions

For an in-depth analysis of Python’s ability to develop a mobile application, let’s take a look at what types of applications a developer can create with it. 

Popular Python frameworks for mobile app development: 

Developing your mobile application using Python can provide your project with the undue advantage of versatility, power and platform independence. To make this happen, Python offers an array of frameworks you can choose from. Some of them are: 

  • Flask
  • Django 
  • Pyramid
  •  Web2Py
  • TurboGears
  • CherryPy
  • Dash 
  • Falcon 
  • CubicWeb
  • Bottle 

Types of applications you can build with Python: 

Every mobile application development company looking to develop a robust project prefers Python mobile app development over any other. Why? Because of the exceptional attributes Python holds. 

While we have outlined these advantages above, you will explore project-specific benefits once you start using the technology. 

However, before you move ahead in choosing Python for your mobile application, check out what types of apps you can use it for: 

  • Blockchain Apps: 

Blockchain is one of the trendiest technologies in the market. It has brought a transformative wave in the security of mobile applications. However, developing blockchain technology is a tough nut to crack for every developer. Luckily, with Python mobile app development, creating a blockchain application has become relatively easy for developers. 

Using Flask (a Python framework), coders can now utilize HTTP requests to interact with their blockchain. They can also develop endpoints for specific functions of the application. Developers can also create decentralized networks by running the scripts on different machines. 

  • Audio and Video Apps: 

Python is an ideal technology to develop applications based on music and other audio/video elements. Audio and video content drives the internet and a user to keep utilizing an application; luckily, it is possible to analyze the entire content with Python. 

Your developer can use various Python libraries such as OpenCV or PyDub to create your audio/video app successfully.

  • Command-line Apps: 

Command-line apps are also known as Console apps. These applications are computer programs that do not have a graphical UI and can be used from the shell or command line. 

Thanks to Python’s Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature, it holds all attributes to serve the development of these command-line apps.

  • Game app development:

As a mobile app development company prominently working with the US and UK market, we suggest all gaming business owners choose Python when developing their mobile applications.

Many games like Battlefield 2, EVE online and others have been developed using Python. In fact, Battlefield 2 uses Python for all its features and add ons, while the game- World of Tanks deploys Python for most of its features. 

Python can help developers create rapid prototypes of their gaming applications and test them for optimized output. Moreover, the programming language can help developers design practical gaming tools and assist in significant development processes such as level designing and creating dialogue trees.

  • Machine Learning Apps: 

Another tech trend that inspired millions of companies is Machine Learning apps. ML applications work on an algorithm that allows the technology to feed the data to the operating system, enabling them to make smart decisions. 

Creating machine learning applications using any other language can be a challenge; however, Python soothes the work of Ml ap development. 

It offers libraries such as Scikit and Pandas that allow effective machine learning app development and are free for use under the GNU license.

  • Business Applications: 

Python applications support [practical agility in the highest way. This is the reason Python mobile apps are in ERP and e-commerce app solutions. 

Most business applications utilize the all-in-one management software – Odoo, which offers an array of business applications that collectively make a suite of business management apps. 

Tryon, a three-tier general-purpose, high-level application, is also built with Python. Since creating business applications with Python is an easy task, most businesses prefer using it for mobile app development. 

  • System Admin Apps: 

System Administration applications are the core of proper management. Since Python allows easy communication of developers with the operating system, it is considered an ideal technology to create system admin apps. Using this, developers can interface with the operating system used by Python. 

The language can make all I/O systems accessible.


Python’s robustness can be calculated by assessing the robust application development opportunities it holds. The flexibility and effectiveness of the programming language make it the top choice of almost every mobile application development company dealing in the app development of any of the above types.

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking for a robust language to make your mark in the industry, Python is the way!

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