Dash to Bitcoin (BTC) expert opinion

Dash to Bitcoin (BTC) expert opinion

The Dash cryptocurrency was previously called Darkcoin. To get rid of the image of an asset used in fraudulent transactions, its developers decided to rebrand. Dash is decentralized, and new coins are issued through mining. The cryptocurrency is in the TOP-20 in terms of capitalization and has a high level of transaction confidentiality. Each member of the network has equal rights. In the blockchain of the payment system, the transferred amounts cannot be tracked.

Bitcoin is the first number in all cryptocurrency ratings. The payment system has almost a decade of history and was created to provide low-cost and confidential transactions. If initially it attracted the attention of financial enthusiasts, gradually investors and traders became interested in it. The benefit of Bitcoin lies in the minimum fees and the ability to keep the identity of the sender and recipient of the transaction a secret.

If for several years Dash fought for leadership in the cryptocurrency market, now it is getting lower and lower in the ranking and is losing its supporters. Therefore, holders of Dash digital coins often turn to exchange dash to btc. The reason for this is the reliability of our website and the optimal exchange conditions offered.

Seven Dash improvements

Neither bitcoin nor litecoin, created in its image, provide users with complete anonymity, these blockchains are depressingly slow and expensive to use, and they are improving at such a snail’s pace that this development looks like stagnation;

1.  Secret payments. Dash, according to the developers, became the first “truly anonymous cryptocurrency” that does not give third parties a chance to get information about the transaction, its sender and recipient.

2.  Fast payments. If it is not privacy that is important, but speed, another method is provided for transfers of “digital cash” in Dash – InstantSend. A fast transfer using InstantSend on the Dash network costs a few pence. It is cheaper than Western Union or PayPal. And the commission for a regular transfer, which will last about 2.5 minutes, will amount to a paltry $ 0.001.

3.  2-rank network structure.

4.  Treasury Fund. Dash has a self-financing mechanism.

5.  DAO. Dash calls itself the world’s first fully decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Anyone who wants to pay 5 DASH (about $ 1000) can submit a proposal for changes to Dash.

6.  Speedy decision making. For example, the decision to increase the block size from 1 MB to 2 MB was made within a day with 99% involvement of masternode owners.

7.  Energy efficiency. Among the advantages of Dash, the developers rank the X11 hashing algorithm, when executed, according to them, video cards consume 30% less electricity and heat up 30-50% less than when running the Scrypt algorithm in Litecoin.

Why is it profitable to convert cryptocurrencies

 You don’t have to be an experienced Internet user to exchange digital money. It is enough to follow the instructions of the web resource and read the tips. Choose platforms that offer the following benefits:

  •  Good rate and small commissions;
  •  Simple interface;
  •  Protection against network threats using a modern security system;
  •  Automatic execution of transactions, guaranteeing the prompt completion of transactions.

It is not necessary to register on the site to carry out transactions. In this case, the operation is carried out in confidential mode. But after creating an account, you can expect to receive bonuses from every trade. You can find out about the amount of benefits and the status of transactions in the client’s personal account.

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