Damages dent repair with auto stream 360

Damages dent repair with auto stream 360

Auto stream 360 is a car dent and damage Repair Company. We offer high-quality services and pure skilled labor. Our technicians and staff are committed and honest to their job. Denting and repair are done with the help of smart advanced technology. We use advanced tools and machinery that work under high pressure with delicacy and perfection. Auto stream 360 hail damages and dent repair. We use the PDR process that is a paintless dent repair technique performed by advanced automated tools. We repair damages and restore the vehicle in its original form.

  • Minor Creases
  •  Hail Damage
  • Door Ding
  • Large Dents
  • Bodylines Damage

The PDR process

We use advanced tools to gently flex the metals to their original contour without touching their original paint finish. We do different types of ceramic 360 coatings on automobiles and cars. This ceramic coating saves cars from any kind of harm like acid rain UV rays damage paint chalking loss of glass and bug impacts.

A skilled technician is illegible and knows every step of repairing. He knows how to work with the metal to illuminate damage and restore a vehicle to its original form.

Nowadays urethane paints are used that are more flexible than the old times so that’s why they are more resistant to cracking or chalking. So PDR helps to maintain the originality and purity of the vehicle and restore its value.

Paint protection film secures your car vehicle from scratches and weather conditions. We do this service of film coating for only 375 dollars. We do care for our clients we perform your deductibles with zero inconveniences and provide concierge services to clients.

Dent Estimate Guide

Dent cost is estimated by calculating damage that has been done to automobiles. Cost of repair increases as the damage increases. We will provide a complete dent estimation guide to you. Prices are ranges from

  • 1″ up to 2″From $125 to $175
  • 2″ up to 3″From $175 to $225
  • 3″ up to 4″From $225 to $275
  • 4″ up to 5″From $275 to $325

Multistage correction with ceramic 360 

Multistage correction with ceramic vanishes 85 percent of damages and imperfections such as heavy swirls and scratches with heavy cut compound and polishes. 

Ceramic 360 two layers coat.

We provide ceramic two layers of Nano graphene ceramic coating. This coating protects your car exterior for five years

We also facilitate our customers with single-stage ceramic correction glass protection 10 H 360 wheel protection 10 H 360 and Glass & Wheel Package. 

Advanced automotive body repair

Our highly skilled competent staff will fix the dents on your vehicle in such a way that they never existed before there. AutoStream360’s trusted professional staff of I-CAR Gold Class certified technicians are the gold standard for body repair. 

Our continental address is 6920 S Jordan Rd Suite B, Centennial, CO 80112 so you can contact us easily. Our mailing id is @autostream360.com. We work with all insurance companies. We provide our services from Monday to Friday (8 AM To 5 PM). 

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