Daddy Cow story

Daddy Cow story

Daddy cow is a modern social media news website. The site doesn’t come as an app to avoid Apple and Google censoring. The site is hosted on our own servers to avoid Amazon censorship. Many contributors to Daddy Cow wouldn’t fit in with big tech political views and corresponding bias commonly only allowing the left wing woke Democrat type agenda which consumes most main stream media in the western world. Having said that Daddy Cow welcomes both sides of the community to it’s platform. Many left wing views seem more right wing and visa versa. The left wing welcoming of the less fortunate in the world is always nice to hear. Their belief that sexual orientation should not define a person seems to be welcome by most. Maybe the left and right divisions need to be reduced instead of strengthened. It’s all worth a debate.

Many news websites in this day and age are bound by certain agendas or viewpoints, making it difficult for readers to get both sides of the story in an unbiased way. This is why news and social media platform Daddy Cow has become so popular across the world. On Daddy Cow, everyone is welcome to create an account and share what they please. No matter what political opinions they hold or what content they want to share with the world, Daddy Cow provides an unfiltered place for them to do it.

Founded by Greg Geoghegan, the platform has quickly evolved into one of the most unfiltered places to discover news, entertainment content, products, and more. Based in Dublin, Ireland, Daddy Cow is particularly popular in the Ireland but has also rapidly begun to expand across the globe. An account is easy to create and there are plenty of intriguing people to follow on the platform. If you are an entertainer, you can even create your account to upload content like Only Fans and charge subscribers for their views.

The lack of bias algorithms means that you can see it all on Daddy Cow. Any view is welcome on the platform so you can expose yourself to new and engaging ideas every single day. Challenge yourself to see other sides of the story that mainstream media restricts and share your own opinions on matters that are prominent in our day to day lives. Commenting on posts does not require an account however there are many benefits if you do sign up with the Daddy Cow platform.

When logging in to Daddy Cow, you will get access to a free face mask which Daddy Cow will ship to anywhere in the world. On top of this benefit, opening an account with Daddy Cow allows you to set up your very own online store. It works just like Amazon and provides a place for you to sell your items to an engaged audience. The store on Daddy Cow has a wide range of products at reduced prices for their users to enjoy.

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