Crucial Tips Dentist Can Use Social Media to Increase Revenue

Unlike all other industries, the dental industry has relied mainly on word of mouth recommendation and reputation. That is how they have built the industry for decades. But it is about time dentists do better with their marketing. As a dentist, your audience is definitely on social media, so you should reach them. It’s time to go digital and go social. Video marketing, blogging, podcasts, and paid social ads are ways for dentists to reach out to their audience. There are also specifics of dental social media marketing.

The dental industry by 2012 will be worth an estimate of $36.8 billion in projections. That means more people will be visiting the dentists now more than ever, and there will be more money in the industry. If you and your firm want to be a part of this and increase your revenue generation, you have to start using social media best practices for marketing. 

Like all other industries, the dental industry can also use social media to market to their patients. All you need is knowledge of the social media best practices that work for your industry and even putting them to use.

Here are some tips to help dentists increase their revenue with social media. 

Share valuable & engaging content
The reason why people visit dentists is so that they can have a great smile. They want a service or product that helps boost their oral hygiene, but it is also important to them that they can protect their teeth and keep diseases away. So, when you post articles on social media, show some authority. Include valuable tips that can help your audience improve their oral health.
If your post is valuable and helpful, your audience will likely share it with their followers as well. In the end, you will get a lot of engagement for your content. According to content writers at essay writing service, 49% of people share content because they believe it is valuable and information for others. This allows you to establish your authority in the dental industry.
Engage your audience
This is social media, and you have to reciprocate the energy that your audience shows you if you want to grow. Social media is meant to connect you with your audience. It is not enough to post your content to potential patients without engaging them in another way. Your content is meant to be engaging so when your audience engages you, you should respond to them.
You can get your audience to engage with your content by asking them questions. This will allow them to share their opinion on that particular topic. As they make their contributions about issues relating to their oral health, it is an opportunity to engage their comments, teach or correct them if necessary, and lastly, include a compelling call to action.
Be more personal than clinical
This is social media, and your goal is to convince people that you can provide them with a comfortable and professional dental experience. You have to put this in mind when creating your posts too. You do not want to sound too clinical with it. Just make it personal.
You can add personal touches to your social media content, such as some dramatic photos to showcase before and after your patients’ stories. Just make sure you are in line with HIPAA guidelines. Your patients are even likely to share with you some photos for you to repost. You can also include jokes and memes in your post, so your audience knows you’re not just a teeth-treating robot. 
Generate referrals and reviews
Online reviews are a great marketing tool for the dental industry as it is for any other industry. Almost 90% of online buyers get influenced to pay for a service or buy a product because of a review that they read online about the product or service. This is why it is essential to get testimonials from your customers. The more you receive and put out to your prospects, the better they will feel about the decision to choose you.
If you are unable to generate enough reviews, you can boost your chances of getting a good review by offering discounts on dental hygiene products, office visits, etc. that can help you get feedback from your client.
Like other professionals, dentists can use social media as a marketing platform to connect them to their customers and increase their revenues. However, dentists must use this platform to build a connection with their audience and create brand awareness. It is also an opportunity to develop your brand as a credible and authoritative brand in your industry.

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