Creativity: An Essential Guide to a Great Life

Creativity: An Essential Guide to a Great Life

I started writing this article on the plane ride home from Washington D.C. I had just finished a two-week cultural exchange program with my school in Rome, Italy. I was a bit disappointed with myself because I didn’t write as much as I usually do during the trip…but that’s not why you’re here! You want to know about creativity and living life to the fullest, right? Well for me it all begins with a travel and living abroad!

If you ask me what traveling does for your creativity, it makes everything better. It fills your mind up with new ideas that would have never occurred to you before (it opens up your creative mind), it allows you to think outside of the box and live free; which is an essential thing when it comes to creativity. And lastly, but most importantly, traveling helps improve your self-confidence by exposing you to new people, cultures and environments. During a crisis, creativity is what helps us to find a solution. In life, we will all have struggles and dilemmas that seem impossible to solve. The thing about creativity is that it’s not something you can just turn on and off when you want (that would be so convenient). Creativity happens naturally (it’s a natural phenomenon), but the way we express it can be controlled; and therefore, the way we live our lives. The more creative you are, the more you’ll be able to do in life!

It all starts with travel because of two reasons: 1) It exposes us to new ideas and environments which leads us down different paths in life; 2) Traveling helps boost our self-confidence by exposing us to other people from different cultures/backgrounds who may have different ideas than ours or different ways of doing things – this allows for an exchange of information between people which ultimately makes everyone better in some way. People tend to think that traveling is too expensive or difficult…I don’t know why because I’ve never found it hard at all! It might take some time saving, but if there’s anything worth saving for then travel should definitely be on your list. There are plenty of ways that I’ve saved money while traveling. For example: staying with a host family instead of staying in hotels, going during shoulder seasons instead of peak season where prices tend to go up significantly; going on holiday during college breaks when flights tend to cost less etc. etc.

I found myself asking, “Why can’t I be more creative?” as I was sitting on the plane back home from Italy. We all have the ability to be creative, but we just don’t know how to take advantage of it. People tend to live their lives on autopilot and become so used to doing things that way that they don’t even realize that there are other ways of doing things! I didn’t realize until college how important creativity is in life and how much you can do with it. As a child, my parents always encouraged me (and still do) to try new things with an open mind because they knew it would benefit me in the long run; especially when it comes time for me to start applying for jobs or internships…creativity is essential! My mom always told me “if you play your cards right”, which probably wasn’t the best advice but she meant well…you can still use creativity at any age! It doesn’t really matter if you’re young or old – everyone has problems and solutions in their own lives; therefore everyone has an obligation (and a choice) whether they want to face those problems head-on or not. If your problem isn’t getting resolved then most likely it’s because you haven’t been able to solve them creatively yet.

You have the ability to solve any problem in your life; but you just need to get creative! Be smart, be determined and never give up because there will always be a solution. It might not happen right away, but it will come…and when it does, seize the opportunity! If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas on how to solve your dilemmas then travel somewhere new and visit places where you’ve never been before! There are so many ways to get creative: writing (blogging), drawing/painting etc. Each individual has his/her own form of creativity; there’s no right or wrong way of expressing yourself – it all depends on how well you package your idea into something that people can understand.

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