Complete Guide To Buying 6 Inch Axial Inline Duct Fan

Complete Guide To Buying 6 Inch Axial Inline Duct Fan

Duct fans tackle heat inside any space on hot summer days. These fans are designed for duct boosting and improving airflow in closed spaces. A 6 Inch Axial Inline Duct Fan isused in different types of heating, and air conditioning works. For example, they are used for ventilating rooms with attics, bathrooms, workshops, and kitchens by maintaining proper airflow.

They are also used in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation or cooling systems. The fan is made up of a fan head connected to a flexible duct and the building’s air supply. One must see the specifications regarding how it will connect with the duct as there are three types available: Duct-Pipe, Duct-Branch, and True Duct.

An inline duct fan features a removable grille that can act as a shutter for blocking external airflow when required. The ordinary axial inline fan is made of sheet metal with perforations and is covered by a plastic or metal grill. Take a look at these points to understand what a premium-grade axial inline fan looks like.

1.     Made With Premium Quality Material

Ensure the axial inline fan you are buying is housed in galvanized aluminum alloy to prevent atmospheric corrosion caused by humidity. Along with this, check if they are weather resistant to never becoming rusty. The surface of some fans is wrapped in powder coat paint to ensure longer life.

Additionally, the motor in an axial inline fan comes with ball bearings that are permanently lubricated. While lubrication ensures protection against corrosion, it also reduces noise while working. The best part, better lubrication means your machine will require minimal maintenance.

2.     Duct Connector

The duct connector is a vital component of the inline duct fan. When choosing a fan, one must look for the right connector that suits their application. It is used to transfer air from the fan to the ventilating opening. Here is a quick look at some specifications of a 6 Inch Axial Inline Duct Fan:

  • Voltage/Frequency – AC 220~240V/50Hz
  • Power – 36W
  • Current – 0.26 amps
  • Speed – 2500RPM
  • Air Flow – 323m3/h
  • Noise – 45dB
  • Protection Class – IP44
  • Insulation Class – F

Fitted with a perforated metal sheet, axial inline duct fans can significantly increase the airflow in your space. In addition, these perforations help keep the airflow channel open and allow for the addition of some new vents to further increase airflow.

3.     Air Delivery and Exhaust

An inline duct fan provides high ventilation rates that range from 160 CFM to 3000 CFM. It can also generate a pressure of up to 3″ wg. There are two types of air delivery systems such as intake and exhaust. Also, check for variable speed controllers available with most axial inline fans these days.

 The air delivery and exhaust fans are non-electric, and the RPM may be varied to make it better suited for your needs. You can get some fans that can allow you to set customized temperatures in the range of 20¡æ-70¡æ(-4¨H-158¨H).

4.     Accessories

Besides ventilation, inline duct fans can also provide cool air in a home as these are generally well ventilated, as we have seen above. They also have a temperature range from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 140F degrees that you can use to cool down a house during summer days.

Some models come with adjustable speed controllers that let you change the fan’s speed without taking up any electricity. For instance, some come with three speeds, while others offer four.

5.     Mounting Bracket

An inline duct fan needs to be properly mounted to a duct available in the market today. Therefore, it must be used with a mounting bracket. Taking care of this is important as it helps one to maximize the performance of the inline duct fans. You can go through the product description before buying a 6 Inch Axial Inline Duct Fanto see if it supports your requirements or not.

Fans are engineered to support both ceiling and wall mounting, making them convenient according to your choice or need. They are also designed so that they can be used in ducts of any size yet effective in providing high-performance cooling or heating system.

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