Clutch Nails Release Its Ultimate Guide On How To Get Acrylic Nails Off Easily At Home

Clutch Nails Release Its Ultimate Guide On How To Get Acrylic Nails Off Easily At Home

Nails are the essential element of beauty for girls of all ages. Fake nails are a fantastic option for parties, but if you want to start with lesser damage, press-on nails from a highly specialized company like Clutch Nails are a great place to start. These nails can look and last just like acrylics, but without damage or salon visits!

You can get rid of fake nails without using acetone in a few different ways. However, even if you don’t use acetone, acrylic and gel nails can cause damage to your natural nails. Clutch Nails offers the best possible solutions on how to take off acrylic nails easily at home. 

Acetone Is Not The Only Method For Removing Fake Nails

Acetone is a highly potent chemical solvent that isn’t particularly good for your nails (or your health). Acetone is considered the most common and effective method for removing fake nails. Still, there are other options available too. Not all nail polish removers contain acetone.

Solvents like ethyl acetate, isopropyl alcohol, and propylene carbonate are present in many non-acetone nail polish removers. While these are still chemical solvents, these products aren’t as dangerous. You might have to work a little harder to remove the fake nails, at least with lesser nail damage. 

Warm Water And Cuticle Oil To The Rescue

Another gentle yet effective way is to soak nails in warm water for around 20 minutes before removing them. If desired, one can add few drops of soap to it. It will help the glue get loose enough to easily peel the nails off with the help of an orange stick. If they still won’t budge, soak them for an additional 10 minutes and repeat the process until they’re loose enough to be removed. It is a superb way to get done with fake nails only with water!

Cuticle oil is another option for evading harsh chemicals. It helps heal and nourish the nails rather than stripping and damaging them. Press a Q-tip soaked in cuticle oil against each nail for about five minutes. Ensure to get the oil under all areas of the nail that have already begun to come up. For faster results, soak an entire cotton ball in the oil and hold it there or wrap it in tape or tin foil for a few minutes until the nail loosens.

Creativity On Hands With A Dental Floss

If you’re looking for a unique way to get rid of your fake nails, try this method that involves dental floss! First, you will have to loosen the nails from any of the methods described above. Next, sliding a dental floss under the loosened nails is another technique for effectively removing fake nails. Disclaimer, this method may prove to be a little harmful to the nails. 

Instructions For Repairing And Preventing Damaged Nails

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with damaged nails. Even if you think that ruining your natural nails is worth it to flaunt a stunning set of fake nails, this isn’t the case! Other options are also available for the long-lasting health of nails. 

Acrylics and gel nails are super-strong and durable, but one of the gentler alternatives is the press-on nails. These are not only cheap but also simple to apply. They might seem cheap and fragile, but high-quality ones from companies like Clutch Nails look equally attractive as acrylics and can last up to two weeks if properly cared for.

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