Class 7 Math Olympiad

Class 7 Math Olympiad

Mathematics is not a theoretical subject, it emphasizes more on the application of logical reasoning and analytical thinking. School math syllabus focuses more on theoretical knowledge. It is thus highly encouraged for students to take the Math Olympiad to test their intellect. When learning for Olympiad students increase their analytical skills in mathematics. 

8 Helpful Tips to Clear Class 7 Maths Olympiad

  1. Effective Pre-planned Strategy

Be realistic and not idealistic when planning a strategy for your preparation. The level of Olympiad Math exams is higher than the school academic level. Start early in advance. Prepare your schedule after you study the syllabus carefully. Do not keep a rigid schedule, make sure that can be adjusted if you have to cover a backlog of work. When you create your plan, make sure that it is balanced between your school studies, Olympiad preparation as well as relaxation. Devote some time daily for your preparation. Keep a month before the exam for complete revision and tests. 

  1. Download the Syllabus, Study Materials, and Past papers

It is evident that knowing and understanding the syllabus is of utmost importance but is often ignored by students. The syllabus contains detailed information on the topics for the examination as well as the exam’s expectation level. By studying the syllabus carefully it is easy to plan an effective schedule wherein more importance and time could be given to the weaker topics. Understand the score pattern for the Math Olympiad. Study materials and past papers such as IMO Class 7 2015 Question Paper should be practiced regularly by the students to have the best level of preparation. Through this, students will be aware of what to expect for the exam. They will be aware of the kinds of questions, topics covered, and weightage given to each topic throughout the years.

  1. Time-Management is Key

Time management is necessary to answer math papers. Start early for maximum preparation. Divide your time properly between your academics and Olympiad preparations. Spend more time and effort on the weaker topics. Spend some time every day for your preparation. Practice past and sample papers within the time limit to understand how to manage time during the exam. There are several mock tests online. Practice them as well.

  1. Practice Makes a Student Perfect

Practice, practice, practice- this is necessary for a mathematics student. Practice every question until you get it right on your own. Take note while studying and write down all the formulas on a separate sheet of paper for easy reference anytime. Start by solving the examples and solved questions and then move on to the exercise questions. If you are weak in your basics then strengthen them first. It is important to strengthen your basics for the Olympiad exams. Math Olympiad exams require quick thinking and mental reflex. By practicing more, your brain is trained to think faster within the time limit. Practice more for questions of the weaker topics. Remember, Quality before quantity. If you solve a lot of questions without properly understanding them on your own, it will not benefit you in any way. Make sure to solve every question on your own to attain the best learning experience and results.

  1. Test Yourself

Test yourself to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This will help students to understand how to allot their time to every kind of question in the exam. In the revision month, test yourself with 2-3 question papers every day. Try to test in a time-bound manner so that you are aware of how to spend time for each section.

  1. Ask Doubts

When you solve questions, there are areas wherein you will have doubts. Make sure you do not ignore them and note them down separately. It is important to have doubts and to ask them as this keeps the brain working to generate a solution to the question. When your doubt is answered your brain remembers that point or solution because you had asked aloud. As you ask questions, you continue learning. Ask your teachers or check a reliable source on the internet to clear your doubts. Teachers are the most reliable if you help either in the form of explanations or doubt clearance. After you get them cleared, do not ignore them, solve the question again and again till you get it right on your own.

  1. Relax

It is important to be relaxed and calm during your preparation as well as during the exam. When a student is calm, there is a good and continuous flow of blood and oxygen to the brain which results in maximum efficiency of the brain. Thus, the student is more focused and has very less chances of getting distracted. When students start to stress or panic during the exam, they lose focus and control over themselves and forget most of what they had studied. Be calm and focused to attain the best results. There is nothing to be stressed about if you have had good preparation.

  1. Keep yourself Healthy

Students tend to tire themselves out very easily when they spend a lot of time and effort on their studies without many breaks. Do not skip your meals and drink lots of water. Lower the intake of junk food to the absolute minimum. Meditate for some time to keep a calm mind. Have short breaks in between. When you give yourself a break, do something that you love and that relaxes you. Do not exert yourself. Have a good sleep pattern of about 8 hours. Sleep is important for the rejuvenation of the mind and body. Motivate yourself daily to keep focused on your goal.


Before preparing for Math Olympiad, be sure that you want to be committed in your preparation. Visit the official website for all the necessary information and stay updated. Start early with a plan that you can follow perfectly and follow the above steps to have maximum preparation. Students who follow these steps perform seamlessly in their examinations. 

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