Class 2 English NCERT

Class 2 English NCERT

The Ncert Book for Class 2 contains 10 Units and 21 chapters in total. Chapter 1 “First Day at School” which is also part of this book is basically a Poem. This chapter has some questions that will be covered in this article is very simple and has clear words to make learning easy for students.

In this first chapter, there is a poem about an experience of a child who is going to school. The brain of that child is full of many thoughts before reaching school. The poem has been given below. Let’s read and try to make it as simple as possible for a child.

As we can see in the picture provided above, the poem has 4 paragraphs and 4 lines. The child thinks about his drawing skills in the opening lines. He is comparing his drawing skills with his classmates. 

Explanation of every line.

  1. I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs.

An illustration has been given in the book in this line. You can see in the picture that both the girl and the boy are drawing something on the drawing board. It means that whatever the child is thinking about his drawing is also related to his batchmates.  So, the meaning of this line is simple. The child doubts whether his drawing will be as good as his classmates.

  1. I wonder if they will like me or just be full of stares.

This line implies that the child is thinking about the behavior and attitude of his classmates towards him. 

  1. I wonder if my teacher will look like Mom or Gran.

The child started imagining his teachers. He is in a fix to know what his teachers will look like. Will they look like his Mom or Gran? Will they like him as his mom or grandmother?

  1. I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am?

The child wonders about his puppy’s reaction when he will not find him in the house. How would he react?

New Words

  • Wonder – संदेहयुक्त (verb): to ask yourself questions with the intention to know something unfamiliar. 
  • For example, Why don’t you receive my phone calls, dear son? I was wondering where you are?
  •  I wonder if kids like me or just listen to me because they have fear of getting beaten up.
  • Drawing – चित्रकारी  (noun) : the art of making pictures or pictures made by someone.
  • For example, She teaches drawing to students in art class.
  • The drawing is made by a famous artist. It will sell for a million dollars. 
  • Stares – टकटकी निगाह  (noun) : the look at something with your eyes wide open. 
  • For example, After hearing the news of his child being beaten up by a neighbor, Reema gives him a hard stare
  • You can’t silence me with a long stare.
  • Gran दादी/ नानी (noun): Grandmother ( Your parents’ mom)
  • I will go to Gran’s house with my mom.
  • My Gran scolded my father.
  • Puppy – पिल्ला (noun): A baby or Young dog.
  • Your Puppy is so cute. Let’s play with it.

Method to improve child learning skills.

The section which has questions includes some interesting activities such as singing a song written in the book (Brush my teeth or something like that). These kinds of activities attract a child to do more practice and he doesn’t be shy in front of unknown people. 

  • Let him speak loudly.
  • Let me act.
  • Don’t force him to study. Just talk to him in a way that can develop his/her interest in learning.
  • Teachers are advised to tell the answer directly. They must ask the child first. They should give hints, and wait for the child to speak. 

Questions and Answers

Q.1 What does the child in the poem think about his drawing?

A.1 He doubts that his drawing would be as good as his classmates.

Q.2 What does the child wonder about his teacher?

A.2 The child wonders whether his teacher looks like his Mother or Grandmother.

Q.3 Do you think the child would carry his puppy to school?

A.3 No, puppies are not allowed in the school.

Q.4 Do you remember your first day at school? How did you feel?

A.4 Happy and shy.

Q.5 When you entered your class what did you like?

A.5  I liked my classmates and my class teacher. 

Q.6 Who was the first friend you made?

A.6 Write down the name of your first friend.  

Q.7 What did you enjoy doing the most?

A.7 I enjoyed playing with my classmates. And the introduction section was amazing. Teachers were talking to everyone politely. 

Q. 8 Do you have a pet at home who waits for you to come from School?

A.8  Yes, I do have a pet at home who waits for me to come back from school.

Q.9 Find a partner. Let your partner pretend to be the teacher who welcomed you to your class.

A.9 If you have found a partner. Let him/her say the following things for you. Hello, everyone! I am very excited to welcome you to my class. You will be our new classmate from now on. And we are going to have fun this year. Let’s get to know each other and make this year the best year of our life.

Q.10 What are things a child can carry in his school?

A.10 There are nine things he must have with him when leaving for School.

  • Books
  • Sharpener 
  • Ruler
  • Water Bottle
  • Pencil 
  • Eraser 
  • Lunch box
  • Spectacles 
  • Pen (not necessary, but a child can carry if he wants to)

Class 2 English NCERT Book Chapter 1 contains some more questions that shall be solved by the child himself. This will play an important role in their mental growth. The teachers and parents should ensure that the child is taking interest in their conversation or trying to talk about his problems. 

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