Choosing the Best Rugs for Your Interior Space

Choosing the Best Rugs for Your Interior Space

There is nothing better than entering a home with the best interior space. Coming home to a well-designed home can alleviate anyone’s senses after a stressful day at work or school. It’s why many interior designers focus on creating beautiful yet functional interior spaces for their families. 

One of the many effective methods to achieve an appealing interior space for your home is adding modern rugs. There are many kinds of rugs to choose from, so you should have enough knowledge in choosing one that will fit your interior space. If you are new to choosing the perfect modern rug, you can keep in mind the different tips.

Tip #1: Choose colours and designs that will compliment your surroundings

The first step to purchasing the right rug for your interior space is to ensure its colour and design will fit well with the entire interior setting. If you plan on placing the rug in the middle of the room, make sure it does not stand out awkwardly by choosing the right colour. It’s best to remember colour palettes to assist you in choosing colours that fit well with each other. 

Remember that colours will also invoke a specific feeling to people who stay within the room. If you want rugs in darker colours, ensure that the surroundings are not painted in very dark colours if you do not want it to look depressing. However, a light-coloured rug in the middle of a dark-coloured room can achieve a calming atmosphere. 

Tip #2: Consider your neighbours

If you stay in a building and have neighbours below you, it would be best to choose thicker modern rugs since they can muffle your footsteps. Most of the time, wood or timber flooring creates the most noise when walking on it because its integrity lowers after a few years. The neighbours below you will hear your footsteps and the creaking of the floorboards. 

You should look for thicker rugs because they can absorb the impact of your footsteps significantly. Concrete flooring produces the least noise, so you do not have to place thicker rugs on those areas. You can also place thicker rugs underneath your tables or chairs if they make noise every time you move them around. 

Tip #3: Choose the right rug size

Your rug should not look too big or too small in an area because it will look awkward. In some cases, people would buy separate rugs for appliances, cabinets, couches, and furniture. They do not know that placing individual rugs can take up too much space, so the best option is to buy a large rug that can fit all of them. 

You should also remember your room’s orientation because you may either need a square or wide rug. You can place a wide rug beside the wall or a square rug in the room’s centre. As long as you remember the room’s orientation, you should be able to figure out what rug shape to buy. 

Tip #4: Layer multiple rugs

If you are torn between two rug designs but want to have both of them, you can layer both of them. Most interior designers place a large plain rug below and a small printed one at the top. The layering method can also add thickness to your rug, which is helpful if you want to absorb footstep sounds efficiently. 

There are many sizes and types of rugs to choose from, so you have to remember the different tips mentioned above to get the right one for your interior space. 

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