Different Ideas For Cat-Proof Fences

Different Ideas For Cat-Proof Fences

In recent years, cat-proof fencing has become increasingly popular. Interestingly, it is often applied to things that are not in any way cat-proof. When you search on the internet, you will find multiple products claiming to offer cat-proof fencing as well as several DIY tutorials on how to make your own using materials from your local home improvement store.

All implementations work sometimes, regardless of how they are implemented. Your level of success is directly related to the capabilities and motivations of the cats being contained. As an example, a 5ft chain link fence would contain most humans over 70 years old as well as children 7 years and younger. However, there are certainly people in both age groups who are capable and interested in doing it, but most would not. 

The 5ft chain link fence would also contain humans of any age and ability who were not particularly motivated to climb out. Similarly, most versions of what is called cat-proof fencing do contain SOME cats, just like a 5ft fence is successful at containing some people.

We will examine how you can make your own cat-proof fence. If you already have a fence made from wood, chain link, vinyl, brick, block, metal, or chain link, you may want to modify it to make it cat-proof. 

If you do not have any fencing currently or you choose not to use it for reasons such as it is in disrepair, it is a shared fence with a neighbor, or it is in close proximity to yard items that make it hard to cat-proof (such as AC units, bushes, grills, furniture, etc.) you might choose to build a new traditional fence then modify it with a cat fence system or just build a brand new fence from specialty cat fence components. We will review each below. If you find DIY’s very time consuming then you should purchase today the ready made fences from some good stores. Although it is always recommended to purchase rather than to make your own.

Install a cat-proof fence topper on an existing fence:

It is possible to build cat-proof fences from the ground up or add them on top of existing fences. In the case of outfitting an existing fence in your yard, there are several commercially available products, as well as several “home remedy” DIY ideas presented on the internet. Some of the DIY ideas are simply re-purposing shelf brackets or similar items to act as a short horizontal extension to the top of a fence post. Small flag pole holders and dowels are sometimes used. 

Others, such as Pluperfect Fence, use a patented and custom-engineered spring-loaded arm that is specifically designed to offset a cat’s abilities and weight. These brackets are attached to existing fence posts and chicken wire or plastic netting is stretched between them. These can be effective for some cats, as previously mentioned. Those cats that are unable or unwilling to go the extra step of reaching to the edge of that netting and pulling themselves up and over it may accept it. Most shelf brackets were not designed for outdoor use and will decompose fairly quickly, posing other problems.

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