Casino Etiquette: How to Dress Up and Enjoy the Ultimate Casino Experience

Casino Etiquette: How to Dress Up and Enjoy the Ultimate Casino Experience

Let’s be honest, casino etiquette is a little frustrating and most certainly fake at the best of times.

How should you dress for the casino?

What should or should you not do in a casino?

Most people ask these same questions but they can also seem rather silly. After all, why might a casino that wants to take your money insist that you dress up? What’s more, if they want you to feel comfortable and have a good time, why don’t they allow you to dress whatever way you want?

Okay, enough questions. But the point is, casino etiquette is real and people wonder about these things. In this article, we talk about how to dress up and find the best casino experiment possible.

Casino Etiquette – How to Dress Up for the Casino

Now, let’s first assume that you are attending a reasonably nice casino. That is to say, this casino is not hidden down some dark back-alley and respectable people can be found inside on a regular basis.

The truth is, you will want to “fit in” and feel comfortable during your visit. Many casinos insist on a smart dress code but either way, try to choose the type of clothing that you might expect other men and women to wear.

Formal Dress Code for Men – For instance, you might wear a white shirt with cufflinks and a black tie. Further, you can take a smart jacket or waistcoat but clean leather shoes and black socks are a must. Alternatively, try wearing a black dickie bow and take care when ironing the shirt.

Formal Dress Code for Women – A cocktail dress, long dress or dressy separates with matching top are all ideal. Further, you might wish to wear a sharp business suit with a black tie.

Casual Dress Code for Men – Pair of blue jeans and a shirt or polo t-shirt without any brand name. It sounds rather picky but brand names can often “cheapen” your appearance in a casino.

Casual Dress Code for Women – You can relax with this one. Sundress or any type of dress is suitable. Quite often, even a pair of shorts with a smart blouse will allow you to fit right in.

But that’s just part of the story…

Casino Etiquette – 8 Things to Keep in Mind at the Casino

The truth is, you can show up in the smartest outfit but you can look out of place just as quickly if you fail to recognize the proper casino etiquette. It’s true, there are certain things you should and should not do in a casino and here are just a few of the most important things to keep in mind:

1. Pay Attention to Your Mobile Phone Etiquette

You might not know this but mobile phones are likely to attract little more than disdain from other players. Whether you have the sound on or not, these devices pose a distraction and should only be used when far away from any games, machines or tables.

2. Alcohol Consumption: Don’t Be that Guy or Lady

You know when someone bursts into the room screaming or shouting and clearly under the influence? It might pass at a party but not in a casino. 

According to Mike Tan, at Online Casino Gems, you have to be very careful with your alcohol intake at a casino: “Booze is often the cause of problems at the casino and this is certainly true when money is lost. You might have control of your own emotions but do yourself a favor and be conscious of your drinking habits around other players.”

3. Control the Selfies and Keep them Away from the Table

Selfies are common but taking selfies at the table is simply bad form. Also, if you have a selfie stick, leave this in your hotel room and save the other players from this kind of distraction.

4. Check the Minimum and Maximum Bet (Before Sitting Down)

Every table has a different maximum or minimum bet. You should pay attention to these labels before sitting down at one. You will notice these numbers clearly marked on the table and the dealer will not be impressed if you fail to notice this minimum before sitting down. Playing for only the amount you’re comfortable with is a big part of what makes gambling fun. And you need to understand the psychology of gambling (your own drive!) in order to have fun. Great article here and here on this topic.  

5. Respect Your Dealer and Listen to the Calls

When you hear a dealer say “No more bets”…that means no more bets. Respect your croupier or dealer and try to learn these rules before entering the casino. At the very least, your dealer will appreciate and possibly even help you when its clear that you are respectful and courteous.

6. Always Tip the Dealer (Especially After You Win)

Whether you have a lot of money or not, it’s proper etiquette to tip the dealer in a casino. Even a small gratuity is okay but walking away without tipping is bad etiquette – especially after winning!

7. About Using the Chips (Leave it to the Dealer)

When using chips at a table, remember what color chips you receive as these will be different to everyone else. Also, learn how to place these chips correctly and always ask the dealer when unsure.

What’s more, you should never move or remove chips when a game is in motion. For example, if the roulette wheel is spinning, you cannot touch any chips on the table. Leave it to the dealer.

8. Keep Your Problems to Yourself!

Nobody wants to hear about your problems or your bad luck or anything of that nature. Try to keep calm and never try to commentate on the proceedings. Sure, you might experience some very bad luck and everyone might feel sorry for you, but any such outburst will not help in any way!

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