Caring for the Health of an Elderly Person in Private Live in Care

Caring for the Health of an Elderly Person in Private Live in Care

Throughout life, from birth, a person must follow the correct daily routine. Mental and physical development, temperament and, of course, health depend on these factors. Unfortunately, health does not improve with age, so a proper daily routine for the elderly is especially important.

Elderly people inevitably have problems with vision and hearing, and coordination of movements worsens. There comes a time when they need extra care, help and assistance. To properly organise them at home, you can use the services of caregivers. So, how to organise an elderly person’s day?

Many people of a venerable age can’t come to terms with the fact that they, like anyone else, need to use energy optimally, should not overload themselves with unnecessary physical and mental stress. Considering themselves to be people in their prime, they strive to maintain physical and social activity, participate in public life and help others in every possible way.

Caring for an elderly person requires patience from relatives, a complete restructuring of the daily routine, and often – giving up a career and personal interests. If it is difficult to organise it on your own, you can turn to a private live in care service, where the service is provided by trained staff under the supervision of doctors. You can count on the River Garden Home Care Agency. The agency offers high-quality and cost-effective home care services for the elderly. They help older people continue to live safely and independently in their own homes.

Seniors always have something to do – they need to go to the store, do minor repairs, nurse their grandchildren and finally view all television programs for which there was no time before.

At the same time, they retain the habits of youth, and it is difficult to convince an elderly person that healthy sleep is more beneficial than watching a political talk show and boiled meat is more nutritious than fried meat. But it is necessary for the health of the elderly.

For good sleep, you should ventilate the room of the elderly before going to bed, lower the temperature to + 18 ° C, have a high-quality mattress and bedding. In case of sleep disturbance, you can use natural teas with a sedative effect, use aromatic oils, and a relaxing massage.

Lack of attention is often the cause of depression and irritability. It is necessary to share news and problems, ask for advice more often, showing a sincere interest in the conversation.

Many elderly people lock themselves up in a room or apartment, fall into a state of apathy. It is important for an elderly person to find a hobby or household chores that he can perform on his own, involve him in the life and rhythm of the family.

The daily routine for an elderly person must be observed as strictly and constantly as possible, especially if he suffers from various diseases and is prone to age-related problems.

Failure to follow the correct routine can lead to numerous diseases or exacerbate existing ones. From systematic violations of the regime most often suffers:

cardiovascular system – with age, the risk of heart attacks and strokes increases. Deficiency or, conversely, an overabundance of movement and physical exertion can provoke these diseases;

endocrine system – unhealthy diet, lack of fresh air, lack of sleep and exercises can cause diabetes mellitus, various benign and even malignant tumors and, of course, acceleration of aging;

gastrointestinal tract – with age, the ability to digest rough food disappears. The menu should be as balanced as possible to avoid gastritis and ulcers.

In addition, time in front of a computer or TV, or prolonged reading can lead to visual impairment, headaches, sleep disturbances and problems with blood pressure. The correct regime will save a person of venerable age from such problems.

The daily routine for an elderly person is selected individually, however, even knowing the state of a person’s health, his bad and healthy habits, it is difficult to independently develop a proper routine and diet.

It is even more difficult to get your parents to comply with it. The best way to achieve results is to rely on the experience of the specialists. The rules and requirements of a caregiver are more strictly enforced than those of relatives.

These requirements are very simple:

timely sleep – at night and in the afternoon, exactly as much as is necessary for a good rest;

regular meals – at a strictly defined time. The diet is developed according to the patient’s health condition;

walks – their duration and regularity is established depending on the condition of the musculoskeletal system of the elderly person, the weather and the season;

physical activity – a specially designed set of exercises will allow an elderly person to stretch his muscles, stabilise blood circulation and improve mood.

The daily routine established by the caregiver gives the elderly person time for small hobbies, communication with others, reading and entertainment that does not harm his health. In addition, the nurse will not allow the person in need to skip the medication, and will also provide the patient’s relatives with recommendations on the daily regimen for the elderly in the future.

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