Buying and assembling your PC by Parts

Buying and assembling your PC by Parts

Do you want a desktop PC at the best price? The best option is to buy the components individually and assemble them yourself. The most attractive price and comforting experience. We need to consider the significance of the parts we will collect and put them a little behind in certain parts to get better without a doubt.

Here is a compilation of our most recent purchase guides for processors, RAM memory, SSDs and graphics cards so you can control the basics and group them in one place. From our guide you can build your gaming PC perfectly.

How to choose a processor for a PC?

Processor is the most important component of a PC, it says the brain of the computer. The most important thing is how to choose the most suitable for our PC is the processor. In our purchase guide, we will provide you with the specifications, and tips on how to select the perfect processor so that you do not make a mistake when choosing it.

Although buying the right CPU is confusing. Core, thread, clock and cache are all numbers that we need to know something to understand.If you want to know what CPU to choose, you need to consider the cores and threads.

  • The cores are packed together on the same chip, like their own separate processors.
  • Threads are many tasks that one CPU can handle many other times.
  • Another important consideration with CPUs is clock speed. It features MHz and GHz ratings and how many actions a processor can perform per second.

There are two brands available in the market like Intel and AMD. You can choose with your work niche.

How to choose a graphics card for a PC?

Getting the best graphics card is key if you are looking to buy the best gaming PC or want to build a PC on your own. The graphics card is even more important than the CPU. There are many factors that dictate the performance of a GPU, but an easy place to start is with how many processing cores, called “CUDA cores” or “RTX cores,” an Nvidia GPU offers. This is usually a good indicator of your performance capabilities. Dozens of manufacturers have graphics cards, but only two companies make GPUs, namely Nvidia and AMD.

The Best SSD for Your PC

Although in a PC that you assemble by pieces you may want to combine a classic hard drive with a large capacity and a faster SSD , if you have a budget, bet everything on this type of storage unit. High-end drives, while technically faster. Don’t feel overwhelmed more often than the low-cost options in general. SATA drives in the M.2 form factor, but most SATA drives are 2.5-inch models, allowing them to fit in the same bays that contain laptop hard drives. SATA drives are the cheapest and are still the most popular than others.

Everything you need to know about RAM

The third key element when assembling a PC by parts is the RAM memory . Here you have to have a series of considerations to choose the most appropriate and especially the one compatible with our system.

You will therefore need to decide how much memory you are going to install, which is compatible with the rest of the elements you have chosen and speed / latency values to get the most out of it.

How to assemble a PC by parts yourself?

Once you are quite clear about what parts and components you are going to use in your brand new computer, the most fun, exciting and satisfying part arrives: PC Zusammenstellen yourself. We already leave you the step-by-step to do it, including a video where you can see how we connect and assemble each component of a PC.

Here is the video to assemble your PC :

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