Messes are unavoidable. They appear when you least expect them. Whether clutter is created by pets causing an accident, kids (or adults) dropping snacks, or somebody tracking on the mud, your area rugs get designed to handle the messy aspects of life. Some spots will be more difficult to remove than others, but the sooner you address them, the higher your chances of success.

Following is the best way to clean an area rug so you can do it yourself at home!

1.     Remove the dirt

First, vacuum both sides of the carpeting thoroughly. You want to ensure that all of the debris has gotten removed. However, If you do have pets, remove any stray tresses with a bristle brush.

2.     Make Your Cleaning Solution

You could use a rug shampoo like cap n clean for the real cleaning solution. Whatever shampoo you select, make sure you combine it according to the manufacturer’s instructions (found on the package).

Alternatively, a pail filled with warm water and mild dish detergent can get used. Also, use cold water instead of hot water to avoid shrinking or fading the carpeting.

3.     Conduct a colour analysis

Check that the cleaner will cause the colours to run before you begin scrubbing. To ensure that the solution is colourfast, apply it to a corner of the rug. Moreover, It’s good to move on to the following stage if the colour doesn’t bleed.


4.     Clean the Rug

Rub the cleaning solution into a foam on the carpeting using a sponge or small toothbrush. Before you begin rinsing, let the cleanser sit on the rug for five minutes. You’ll be shortchanging the cleaning procedure if you go below that. Allow five minutes for it to kick in and begin lifting dirt.


5.     Wash the Rug

Using a yard hose or bucket of clean water, wash the soap out of the rug. Ensure that all cleaning solutions get taken from the area rug and that the drainage water is clear.

6.     Drain Any Excess Water

You’ll need to get rid of as much excess water as possible in the rug at this stage so it can dry faster. If you have one, you should use a wet-dry vacuum or a wipe in the nap’s direction.

7.     Allow the Rug to Dry

Allowing an area rug to dry is the next stage in the cleaning process. Allow the top of the carpet to dry before laying it flat wholly. Then turn over to dry on the opposite side. Furthermore, fans can assist in hastening the process. However, before returning the rug to the room, make sure it is scorched.

8.     Clean the Rug with a Vacuum or a Brush

Threads and fibres might become crushed and squeezed during the cleaning procedure. At last, run a hoover at the rug or clean them with a small brush to revive them.

You are done now, and you can relax and enjoy your freshly cleaned rug. We strongly recommend that you hire a professional to clean your rugs. As some rugs are made from natural fibres. You need to ensure when cleaning that you are not damaging your rug.

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