Rapid growth is the way of life, those of us who fail to constantly adapt and change according to the demands in the market often find themselves struggling to reach their desired goal. One can almost say that there are uncountable degrees, certificates, and courses available that can help you succeed. One of those many courses is Six Sigma, it is a technical and data-driven methodology that aims to improve quality by eliminating waste. It can be used in each and every sector, from manufacturing, medical, hospitality, fashion, trade to finance and IT.

This method works on team efforts, total employee involvement, customer focus. It is the combined strategy of lean and six sigma which is seen to be effective in today’s very dynamic environment. There are various tools that help the Lean Six Sigma methodologies such as VSM ( Value stream mapping), just in time, Kaizen, SMED(Single minute exchange of dies), Poke yoke, Heijunka, kanban.

There are various six sigma levels:


It is the first and most basic level of six sigma certification which deals with the basic concepts of lean six sigma. White belt holders don’t have to undergo any formal certification program or extended training. They have the basic knowledge,  White Belt holders get projects and problem-solving tasks related to quality management and waste reduction.


A Lean six sigma yellow belt holder gets exposure to the concepts, Yellow Belts may have attended training sessions for a day or two. They have the knowledge they need to be assigned as fully contributing team members. They can also provide guidance to projects with limited scope and assist managers at higher belts.


A green belt holder is one who has completed a full course that introduces them to Six Sigma methods for developing and improving products. They learn to apply problem-solving techniques like DMAIC: Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, which helps them to understand the problems in a business process, measure changes, find problems, and then implement their solutions. Green belt holders are eligible to lead projects and assist black belts with data collection and analysis.


After completing Green Belt certification, individuals may take their skills to the next level by pursuing Black Belt certification. It requires previous knowledge of lean six sigma strategies black belt holders have to lead and explain more vast and complex projects and supervise projects for Green Belt holders.


A master Black Belt is an individual with strong leadership and problem-solving skills. A master black belt holder is an expert who takes a broad view of strategy throughout a business and coordinates teamwork, they also train green and black belt holders.

So many options, then why should you go for Lean Six Sigma Black belt certification? Obviously, not everything is for everyone, and if you are satisfied with Project Management Professional or Six Sigma Green Belt certification then definitely you don’t need a black belt certificate. However, if you want to reach higher, change, and improve the way things are done then this is what you have been looking for all along.

Black Belt certified individuals are highly trained in aspects such as improving results using lean concepts, statistical analysis techniques, improving the process, they provide support and guidance in the form of project managers, mentors, coaches, team leaders. They are considered the best of the best. There are various duties of a black belt certified individual, some of them are:

  1. Mentor and provide guidance to various individuals in the company
  2. Teach the local personnel
  3. Support to personnel on local projects
  4. Discover new opportunities for any possible improvement
  5. Advocate various six sigma tools and strategies

 Still, confused? Here are some benefits of Lean six sigma black belt certification, to help you make your decision:

  • Master in solving difficulties:

Continuous progress is what we all struggle for, Through black belt certification one can easily get ahead of their competitors. It also showcases your worth and ability to tackle difficulties very promptly.

  • Improved Leadership ability:

Getting six sigma certification in black belt prepares an individual for leadership and managerial roles. They work for the improvement of the quality of products and services to provide customer satisfaction.

  • Salary:

Qualities, responsibilities, and pay, all go hand-in-hand. Your dedicated time and energy never go to waste, a six sigma black belt certified professional earns around $99000, which is another attractive attribute of this profession.

  • Hands-on experience:

Getting six sigma certified gives experience on various projects and methodologies, allowing the professional to get experience, even before entering the industry.

  • Deep understanding:

Six Sigma Black Belt individuals get a deep understanding of various tools such as DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control). You get knowledge, more than one learner while getting Green Belt or lower Belt certification and gives you the expertise to accurately achieve the desired goals.

  • Opportunities:

With Black Belt certification, an individual automatically gets on a higher platform. This certificate gives you the opportunity to work as a Project Manager instead of working under one. It improves your leadership qualities which makes various opportunities knock on your door. Highly qualified personnel are demanded in every industry.

  • Improved client relationship:

A black belt holder comes under the senior management and hence they are the face of their company. They are the ones who come in direct contact with the customers, every customer problems are supposed to be tackled by them, which requires high responsibilities and problem-solving skills.

There are various benefits of Black Belt training. Six Sigma offers varieties of certifications that enables an individual to move forward with their career goals. They are capable of using various Six Sigma methodologies to the fullest and implementing them for perfection.

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