Basics of Buying A Vlone Shirt

Basics of Buying A Vlone Shirt

Shopping is fun, but it’s not for everyone. Not many people will agree but shopping is a talent. Especially, if you don’t like to follow the mainstream fashion. Choosing something extraordinary from the collection of ordinary looking things is a real talent. Vlone is a brand known all around the world and people love buying from it. They are known for releasing a huge range of collections often. When this huge range of collections is available, it can get hard at times to choose the best option. Today we are going to have a detailed look at what you should be buying this season. 

Here are the best articles from this year’s collection. 

Vlone x Tupac Thug Life Tattoo Black T-Shirt

If you are looking for something cool to brighten up your wardrobe this one is the right option for you. It says thug life in the most funky font. It covers the top front of the shirt. Everything is written in capital letters. You can choose different colors, according to your choice. Originally, it was available in black color. We can promise you; you are going to have one of the most comfortable and relaxed times in this T-shirt. Plus, a person from any age group can wear it without any worries. 

Vlone x Playboy Carti Bunny Black T-Shirt

This is one of my personal favorites. For me, styling should speak out for itself without having to put too much effort. Same is the case with this shirt as well. You are not going to see huge prints on it. You are just going to spot a small playboi carti bunny on the top left corner. On the back there is a large v, which indicates that this is a Vlone shirt. Since I am a big fan of off white vlone shirt, I prefer this one in an off white color. Most people go with black color too. With such minimal design you can choose any color that you like and you are good to go. 

Vlone X Kika Drip Blood V Staple Friends Tee

 Whether you are looking for a shirt or a hoodie, you are going to find a huge range of “friends” shirts. You might be thinking that friends shirts are available, almost everywhere, why buy them through Vlone? Well, what I really love about Vlone Friends Shirt is that they always have a unique touch. Take the example of this Kika Drip Blood V Staple Friends Tee. It has friends printed on it but there is blood dripping from the design. It not only makes it a lot cooler; you are never going to see someone else wear this design. This is available in bright yellow color, but you choose the color of your choice from the options available. 


White shirts are always a must haves. You never know when you will be needing them. So, it’s better to always have a fresh piece in your closet. On the top left corner of this shirt, you are going to find a “vlone vacancy”. It gives summer and beach vibes. The good part is that it has long sleeves. You can even wear it during autumn and winter. Since winter is around the corner, it is better to shop wisely and choose something which you can wear in both seasons. Off white Vlone shirts are forever a favorite and this one is the best choice if you are looking for one. 

Vlone Forgiato Logo Tee

This one is so far the best Vlone Friends Shirt. It is funky and sophisticated at the same time. It simply says friends on the front of the shirt. There are no extra prints at the front or back, which makes it much more attractive. It is best suited in navy blue color, with friends printed in mustard/yellow color. It is super comfy and you can use it for both indoor and outdoor activities. It is a round neck shirt, which means that you can easily rock it with your shorts while enjoying your weekends and if you are going out with your friends in your favorite pair of jeans and you are good to go. 

Final words

While buying a Vlone shirt, you never have to worry about the quality of the product. No matter where you are sitting around the globe, excellent quality is promised.  while shopping from Vlone, all you need to check is whether the articles match your style statements or not, rest is already taken care off.

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