Ways to Get Free Backlinks for Your Business

Ways to Get Free Backlinks for Your Business

All content writers wish for their content to reach as many viewers as possible, but sadly this is a dream that has a double-sided edge. On the one hand, you can write great content and end up with huge traffic numbers on your page, or on the other, you may end up with great content that does not show up on anyone’s dash.

The second scenario may be the likely option if you do not optimise your content, and it is the scarier of the two. 

This is why Search Engine Optimization is such a big deal for content writers. If your content is not curated for maximum viewership using all the tools at your disposal, it will not get very far. 

SEO plays a major role in content exposure, and one such overlooked incredibly important tool is backlinks. Building a page is not just about writing consistently; it is also about writing smartly, using SEO tools to facilitate your page to more exposure, and ultimately learning the best strategies to ensure that you are on top. 

Here is why backlinks are so important for you as a content creator. 

About backlinks 

If you have ever searched google to find the best of something, a review or a comparative analysis on an item, at the end of the article, you may notice that the writer has added a few URLs for you to peruse through. 

While you may initially dismiss this as a marketing strategy, you end up downplaying the importance of that linking for the writer who wrote the page it is linked to. Backlinks serve as an excellent way for writers to get more exposure from content creators in their same niche.

When a review writer tags a link below their review, around 70% of readers check the link to get additional information on the product or subject. And that leads to more viewers for the original writer, which is a win-win for both. 

How to get a backlink 

Building a backlink is very simple. For those who want to do it DIY, or others who wish to hire an affordable link building service, here are your options:

Look up sources of backlinks 

Using various tools available, you can look up the sources of backlinks for your page. It can also find similar users and writers with whom your content goes best. Your backlink profile can also be accessed by using any of the free tools available for this purpose. 

Build using a broken link 

A broken link is essentially a link that does not exist anymore. When searching for articles and blogs related to your niche, you may find several such broken links. They typically show the 404 error due to the URL being improper, the page no longer existing, or any other reason. What you can do is contact the developer of the website and pitch your link as a replacement. This will guarantee your page more exposure. 

Find what is relevant. 

For your content to be featured on many pages, it needs to be relevant. You can use Google to find the relevant content, what gets more traffic these days, etc. Using this information, you can curate your content to fit the relevant searches, which will lead to more websites using your page as a reference link in their articles. More viewers will click on your link and help boost your traffic. 

Building a backlink portfolio is inherent to the success of your page. Whether you choose to do it organically using free tools available or hire an affordable link building service, you must take care to build it. It is crucial to the survival of your page. 

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