Advantages of chlorine dioxide

Advantages of chlorine dioxide

Chlorine dioxide is now internationally recognised as one of the most successful biocidal agents accessible for a big range of domestic and industrial water treatment applications. Solutions of Chlorogene chlorine dioxide are very effective super sanitising agents advised for use where control of microbiological activity is essential.

Primary disinfectant for water treatment

Chlorine dioxide is largely used as disinfectant for water treatment. With free chlorine can be thriving when used for same objective, chlorine dioxide is not affected by pH in the same way, which makes chlorine dioxide very effective for disinfection in even chill water. Whether your business creates water or is involved in irrigation, the key aim of where to buy chlorine dioxideis to better the quality of water by getting rid of bacteria, viruses, and other bad substances in the water.

Medical applications

Chlorine dioxide gas is initially used for medical applications as a disinfectant. No issue the medical setting, this gas is capable to disinfect all types of medical and laboratory rooms, equipment, tools and surfaces. In a medical setting, it is very important that the area is sterile to decrease the chance that a bacteria or virus in the air affects a patient who is suffering from a sickness. Chlorine dioxide has already proven to be extremely successful at getting rid of bacteria called as legionella pnumophila, which is a type of bacteria that can lead to the development of an extremely serious type of pneumonia.

Industrial application

Chlorine dioxide can also be used for a big range of industrial applications, the initial of which involves the disinfection of chilling towers. When placed into the water, chlorine dioxide is capable to disinfect the water that is contained within chilling towers. Among the top aspect of using chlorine dioxide in a cooling tower is that doing so permits for the removal of any built-up bio film as well as the prevention of future bio film making.

Taste and odor control

Another famous thing is that chlorine dioxide is used during the water treatment process of drinking water is because it can offer firms with helpful taste and odor control. When located into water, chlorine dioxide is capable to kill algae and bacteria that cause bad tastes and odors to develop. Because of these advantages, chlorine dioxide is also generally used in the composition of personal hygiene items. When used in mouthwash items, chlorine dioxide works as an oxidizing biocide that can help in getting rid of bad breath. The presence of volatile phenols in the water can cause odor and taste problems as well. These phenols can be damaged by chlorine dioxide.

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