Activities for a Happy Long-distance Relationship

Activities for a Happy Long-distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships can be pretty difficult for everyone. Some may think of it as incredible, and some may think of it as difficult. However, it depends on both people in a relationship on how they maintain it. Some may give up, while others try their best to be happy and have a healthy long-distance relationship. If you want a good long-distance relationship and be happy, there are so many ways. You can call each other, share your happy and sad feelings, prepare ways of being together in the future, and whatnot. However, if you still want to know about different ways to stay satisfied together in long-distance relationships, then some of the points are as follows:

Text each other

Now, everyone says that we think of someone special when waking up and when going to sleep. An idea here is to show your other half that you think of them after waking up and before going to sleep through good morning and good night messages. It is a great initiative to be happy in a long-distance relationship. You can text each other whenever you get time or whenever something new happens to keep one another updated. It will help you guys know what’s going on in your lives even after staying far.

Hold a long-distance date

Every couple loves going out on dates, and you would like it too. Having a long-distance relationship means fewer dates. However, you can change that in this digital era; no need to wait to meet each other for a date. You can hold a virtual date where you will have a date on video chat. You guys can dress up nicely and call, then enjoy your virtual date with your love. That way, things will always be interesting between you both.

Send gifts

Another option of making each other happy in a long-distance relationship is sending gifts. Sending gifts shows love. Moreover, it will deepen your bond. You can send each other custom or DIY gifts through courier or home delivery. It can be anything– a card to a mug or other gift items.

Play games together

Nowadays, people are into games a lot. You can play games with your partner, either on-call or some online games. Nowadays, you would get an option to play ludo, carom, or any other board game online with your partner. You can also play some other multiplayer games to enjoy time together. That way, you would be able to connect more even when in a long-distance relationship.

Be romantic- send letters

Letters are old and traditional ways of sending messages to others. Nowadays, people depend on their phones for such things. However, when in a long relationship, you can try sending letters to be more romantic with your partner. It is a beautiful way of sending your messages. And your partner would be pleased to get love letters from you.

Listen to music– together

Both of you can listen to music anytime, so what is unique? The thing is, you can listen to music together even when you stay far. Several apps are present through which you can share your music playlist with others and then listen together. That way, you will be sharing beautiful moments together with each other through music. You can show each other the type of music you love depending on your moods and certain occasions. It will help you be happy even in a long-distance relationship.

Play truth and dare on call

Another wonderful option to have a happy long-distance relationship is playing truth and dare together on the call. It would be totally fun for both of you as truth and dare is an interesting game. When the other person chooses truth, they will have to answer any of your questions honestly, and when they select dare, they will have to do whatever you ask. You guys will have joyous moments through this activity.

Send some cake

You can send the happiness to your partner by sending some dessert. One such dessert that you can send to your loved ones is a cake of their favourite flavour. That way, they will feel happy that you have sent it and will eat it joyfully. You can order a cake for them effortlessly that will reach their doorsteps. If they live in Kochi, then try cake delivery in Kochi.


Being in a happy long-distance relationship is possible if you maintain it effectively. Even when being far away, there are several activities to perform. Above, some of the best activities to do to be happy in long-distance relationships are present for your convenience.

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