AC Repair Riverside

AC Repair Riverside

Your air conditioner may require more repairs than you expect. Air conditioners are frequently overworked and heat out, or the fan may not be functioning correctly. These are typical issues, particularly during the summertime or Heating issue in winter. 

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

Semper Air provides military-grade, energy-efficient heating and air conditioning that complements solar panels perfectly. 

People run their AC on electricity which results in a high bill. According to the U.S Energy Gvt, an ordinary home spends around 48% of its earnings on heating and cooling. So, after many years of experience, Semper Solaris successfully installed AC on solar panels. This top-rated company is owned by the veteran and has positive reviews about this company. Connect your AC with the solar system and enjoy full-time cooling without the risk of a high electricity bill. So, if you are using old and outdated AC, then the cost to the cool house is much high.

New energy-saving HVAC technology allows you to have more control over your indoor environment and energy costs. You will save money with an energy-efficient HVAC system based on modern technology. Further, if you use Battery storage, you can store a large amount of energy. Battery storage is another method of money-saving. If you want to install energy-efficient Heating and Air Conditioning systems in your house, then Los Angeles solar installers at Semper Solaris are always present to help you.

Semper Solaris Service

Semper Solaris provide different services, including battery storage and solar panel installation, and solar keeping.

Semper Solaris provides complete solar solutions to California consumers and a variety of new customer discounts. Their online ticketing system and daily phone assistance help streamline the client experience, making them an excellent solar provider for individuals searching for quick responses. As part of our service, Semper Solaris provides complete AC Repair Riverside. We examine every component of your air conditioner, from the furnace filters to the condenser coils, to ensure that we thoroughly comprehend the problem before attempting to resolve it. Our technicians (best HAVC specialists) are entirely qualified to repair any air conditioning machine you may have and thoroughly investigate the issue before making proper repairs. As the homeowner, we prioritize you to meet as many of your demands as feasible. When you work with us, you can rest assured that you’ll be consulting with the most incredible air conditioning repair experts in Riverside.

Our job is not limited to just repairing; instead, we will thoroughly go through your AC problem and recommend our best solution. We will inform you that either you need to repair your AC or replace it. Semper Solaris is trustworthy, and we aim to fill our customers with the best co-operation. Our professional technician will guide you completely. So if you find any problem, call, and our technician will come to help.


Semper Solaris offer special discount on different packages:

  • Tesla Powerwall battery storage frameworks are qualified for a discount of up to $2,900.
  • Military and first responders receive a $500 discount.
  • Solar services are eligible for a $500 internet discount.
  • Refer a friend and get a $550 discount


  • Give a unique rebate on battery storage and solar panel installation.
  • Offer solar keeping service.
  • Collaborated with the Home Energy Renovation Opportunity program to make the financing cycle more sensible.


  • Service is available only in California
  • Customers must schedule a time to receive pricing information.

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